Hitherto the question has always stood: What is God? – and German philosophy has resolved it as follows: God is man…. Man must now arrange the world in a truly human way, according to the demands of his nature.

Friedrich Engels

Several decades after the devil’s own Friedrich Engels wrote that man “must now arrange the world,” Leon Trotsky argued that the Revolution must make the “collective man” into the “sole master” of all. And now, nearly a century after Trotsky made that pronouncement, we arrive at the inauguration of Joseph Biden. Look at him, before the Capitol, stepping into the shoes of George Washington. Behold this fraud, on old knees, personifying the “sole master” and “collective man,” with his dyslexic malapropisms and lapses of memory. Behind Mr. Biden, the eyeballs of Vice President Kamala Harris are excitedly glued to a banana peel under his left shoe. One thinks of Joseph Stalin and the ailing Lenin in 1922. If we listen, we may hear the mocking voice of Karl Marx citing Hegel’s comment that “all facts and personages of great importance in world history occur, as it were, twice.” Hegel forgot to add, “the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.”

And what a farce! For Kerensky, we have Trump; for the Kadets, we have the Republicans; for the storming of the Winter Palace, the storming of the Capitol; for Fanny Kaplan, we have two guardsmen with militia ties; for Felix Dzerzhinsky we have Gen. Stanley McChrystal; for the Red Terror we have a new domestic Terror Bill. As Marx wrote, “Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted from the past.”

The past is something we cannot escape, even if we do not remember it. Marx thought it a bad thing that the “tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living.” If only Marx’s “philosophy” had not destroyed our regard for the past, if only we had kept memory alive, perhaps this shameful moment would not have come. But come it has, with a clown’s multi-colored finger-prints marking an over-reaction that might have been less ridiculous had the Capitol suffered the fate of the burning Reichstag of 1933.

Unfortunately for Mr. Biden, our erstwhile right-wing baddies were too busy taking selfies and forgot their gasoline cans. But one may, with help from an ever bloviating media, make a Himilayan mountain range out of a road apple. And now, with 30,000 troops swarming the Capitol, and the FBI declaring a massive conspiracy against the government, Biden takes the Oath of Office to defend the Constitution against all enemies, imaginary and domestic.

What absurdities will he pronounce in his inaugural address? Marx wrote that men cannot resist conjuring up “the spirits of the past to their service,” adopting battle cries and battle flags from bygone wars. “Thus Luther donned the mask of the Apostle Paul, the Revolution of 1789 to 1814 draped itself alternately as the Roman republic and the Roman empire….” What pose will Biden strike? Whose words will he borrow? Will he mimic Lincoln? Will he borrow a line from FDR? How about a line or two from Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933? But no, this is not the end of the Weimar Republic. It is a farce, and nothing but. Already the Biden administration is a parody of oppression, set on by intelligence agencies of the Maxwell Smart variety; all of them eagerly promising, “Don’t worry chief, it won’t happen again.” (Or, in the case of Russia-gate, “Missed it by that much!”)

At the other end of the parody, we find the brainless efficiency of Facebook, Apple and Twitter, moving against the state’s newly declared enemies: Donald Trump, Parler and free speech. What do these social media buffoons know of our great traditions of free discourse? They prattle on about the first amendment as if that’s what everything is based upon. Oh no, you historical illiterates. Long before the First Amendment said “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,” we had John Milton’s Areopagitica. The great poet inveighed against those who vainly held “that none must be heard but whom they like….” It is by such persons that “knowledge is kept at a distance from us.” Yes, that’s exactly right. By stopping free speech you stop the free flow of thought and you stop the engine that made America great. But of course, you all hate the idea of American greatness. So now you stop America’s brain, its creativity, even though it is your own life blood. You cut off your own customers and destroy the basis of your own “information economy.” There are no words for you. There is only the suicide you have procured by blocking your only path to correction and reform. “For when God shakes a kingdom with strong and healthful commotions to a general reforming,” wrote Milton, “God then raises to his own work men of rare abilities, and more than common industry, not only to look back, and revise what hath been taught before, but to gain further, and go on some new enlightened steps in the discovery of truth.”

And what truth will we find by blocking all criticism of political correctness? How shall we then escape the left’s intolerant mantras on tolerance, or the invidious demagoguery of declaring persons equal in a world where none are equal? How will we, then, preserve what is best against the foul negating spirit of cancel culture as it brings our traditions of free speech to an end? Will we allow these hyenas, yapping their stale stupidities, to dictate our speech, our social discourse? Will we be dictated to by these leftist automata, with their lobotomized brains in formaldehyde jars labeled with university credentials so obtained?

How have yapping hyenas and leftist automata come to be so prominent in our media, in our large corporations and government? It is but testimony to the intellectual bankruptcy of this pitiful country. We are an impossibly stupid society, having stored up for ourselves and our children a chastizement of Biblical proportions; for we have already been stifling speech in the universities, in our centers of learning, for an entire generation. And so, a time of spoliation and destruction and murder far exceeding our worst imaginings is on its way. For what is the true promise of those who are now taking office in Washington? Is it the promise of strength against foreign enemies? Are we getting persons honorable and trustworthy? When Biden slips on that banana peel it will be President Harris — as genuine as a three dollar bill, as empty as the U.S. Treasury, as incapable as she is faithless. History is not kind when countries are governed by the likes of Kamala Harris.

In aspiring to become gods of the human hive, these ambitious nobodies can destroy our liberty, our prosperity, and the country itself; first, because their intentions are not benevolent; second, because their ambitions are inappropriate to who they are; third, because they are weak and foolish and Godless.

All these bright-eyed young people, eager for the world of equality and tolerance they’ve been taught about in school, won’t find salvation in Biden or Harris. The left deludes itself that the imminent failure of the Biden/Harris administration shall owe everything to the wicked machinations of the right, rearing its ugly head and blocking the path to utopia. But this is stupid. There is no path to utopia here. If the right didn’t exist, and if THE BAD ORANGE MAN disappeared altogether, their utopia would still fail. It could not happen otherwise; for there is no utopia. Man cannot save himself through politics. To think so is the essence of historical illiteracy.

The beautiful world of bliss which awaits, after Biden’s inauguration, will resemble the very Fascism the left supposedly detests. Only it will be a ridiculous kind of Fascism, made doubly ridiculous by its subservience to Beijing. The Chinese communists know that a true socialist Revolution cannot be realized by an inauguration alone. Real socialism requires violence and compulsion. It must signify the end of freedom and the end of prosperity. With Biden and Harris tottering irresolutely on the shoulders of Marx and Engels, with China moving in from behind, America’s elites are committing group suicide. A sane man doesn’t stand beneath a structure that is about to collapse. He runs as far as he can from ground zero. Meanwhile, the government can mass all the troops they want in the capital, as a show of force. The American people are not threatening them. The real threat is a nuclear bomb from China, or Russia, or North Korea, or Iran. But even as our new rulers glower at America’s patriots, they will be clinking glasses with the Chinese. This we can count on.

Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling.

Proverbs 26:27

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Karl Marx, The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, I.

John Milton, Areopagitica.

128 thoughts on “Inauguration Day: Utopia Limited or the Flowers of Regression

  1. Thanks for writing an incredible article about the inauguration. We will descend into darkness. I think Biden promised that. Blatant censorship of Trump. Jan 6 was America’s Reichstag Fire with a new “Patriot Act” to follow. Communist plants all over DC and people only wanted to demonstrate peacefully but the Mass Media scripted the whole thing. Pray.

  2. This article should be read on every news channel today that considers itself patriotic. So many quotes in this tome to pin to this farce of an inauguration: “Man cannot save himself through politics. To think so is the essence of historical illiteracy.” “Will we allow these hyenas, yapping their stale stupidities, to dictate our speech, our social discourse? Will we be dictated to by these leftist automata, with their lobotomized brains in formaldehyde jars labeled with university credentials so obtained? How have yapping hyenas and leftist automata come to be so prominent in our media, in our large corporations and government? It is but testimony to the intellectual bankruptcy of this pitiful country. We are an impossibly stupid society, having stored up for ourselves and our children a chastisement of Biblical proportions.”

    And this is truth. We are ripe for God’s chastisement. The Psalmist (2:4) wrote that “God will speak to them in His wrath and trouble them in His sore displeasure.” And let us not forget that the Bible ends with the Fall of Babylon (Rev. 17 & 18) with the invitation for God’s people to come out of this corrupted world before God pours out His plagues on it (18:4-6). It is reminiscent of the destruction of Mighty Babylon of old. On the day of its destruction a fingers were seen writing on the wall in the great party being thrown by the Ruler of Babylon and it wrote that “God had numbered the days and they were over. They were weighed in the balance and found wanting and the kingdom would be given to another.” That very night Babylon fell to the Medes and the Persians. We are on the Eve of that happening again. Read it here: https://classic.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=dan+5&version=NKJV

    May be the best you have ever written Jeff.

    1. We have certified our own demise. Our government agencies have failed us and history will note that.
      The communist have won with corporate greed as its bible,truly the false God,
      When morality is lost,God an afterthought…legend.we will,fall.
      And have fallen!

  3. This is one of the greatest articles I,have ever read. Well written, well reasoned, well researched. Thanks for laying it out so well. I will be sharing it with those who have ears.

  4. A well-known and beloved bible scholar, Chuck Missler, was asked where the USA might fall in end times bible prophesy. He replied that he saw no nation resembling the United States being mentioned in end times bible prophesy. The United States, he reasoned, looked as if it might cease to exist as it is during the biblical end times. Chuck Missler mentioned that a present-day bible prophesy for the United States can be seen in the book of Isaiah chapter 5. Just substitute references to Israel and Judah in the days of Isaiah with the United States of America in our contemporary times. Is it a very damning prophesy for a people who turn away from God, and instead pursue their own false wisdoms and pleasures.

  5. I grow increasingly impatient not only with Pollyanna conservatives who think Trump is a god who has “a secret plan” and will save us all — but with conservatives at the other extreme who seem to take perverse pleasure in telling us again and again that “we will all descend into darkness” and all hope is lost.

    I get that people are especially discouraged right now. Discouragement is justified. But it’s a cop-out to strike a pose of being an all-seeing prophet, standing above the fray, superior to the ignorant masses beneath you. I’m not talking about Jeff, who is trying to make a difference with these articles by waking up the public to the truth. I’m talking about people who write comments like those often found on this site who seem to think that quoting Biblical passages about God’s wrath and telling us it’s all over now, exempts them from taking responsibility and doing something to change the situation.

    The Biblical god didn’t just give information and warnings to prophets: he expected them to get out there and do something with the information. He demanded they try to CHANGE what was coming, and explain the truth to the people. It’s not an easy task, as Jonah’s response to the mandate demonstrated, but as God’s response to Jonah showed, knowing the truth and sitting on it is not considered enough by divine standards.

    Much more is expected. This is not a time to be sitting in our easy chairs, feeling justified in our superior knowledge about what fools and sinners our fellow countrymen are. If they are fools and sinners, then it’s our duty to find a way to get the truth to them. That’s what we should be discussing and contemplating. What can we DO to change things? To ward off calamity?

    Who does it benefit when we do nothing but decry the ignorance of others? The only thing that benefits is our pride. We think that by spouting our prophecies of hopeless doom, we establish ourselves as better than the ignorant multitudes who are about to be punished, and that we are thereby exempt from their folly. But the biggest folly of all is to know the truth and do nothing. It’s worse than folly. It’s an abdication of duty. The ignorant can be forgiven, because they know no better. The wise who do nothing, have no such excuse.

    1. It is important to think things through, to find the right path — whatever that may be — and stick to it. At the same time, we should not imagine that change is entirely up to us. Providence has lessons to teach. We need to learn those lessons.

    2. What hope was there in Noah’s day? What hope was there for Sodom? You can decry the prophets all you want like Jesus, the Apostles and Prophets but the end has come. And please be careful about judging those forecasting God’s judgments lest you be on the wrong side like in the days of Jeremiah. There is NOTHING that can be done for America. The secular prophets like Martin Armstrong are telling us as much: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/armstrongeconomics101/economics/the-future-what-is-really-going-on/?fbclid=IwAR3eYgj_cFeNe8J91WQJ904j29NLGdc0VOZDuPq3i6ZngIxtOcS8jtJFgew

      1. Cycle theory seems to indicate we are near a major war (cyclically) and an economic spoliation. Lots of people also expecting the end times.

    3. Not just recently but for decades a system was put in place,now more formally revealed,any who speak the truth are dammed,jobs taken..as has often been said a job is everything the person is,when taken arbitrarily,because you resist,don’t go along,speak about what is happening and how…then hope of real change is diminished,over 30 years and still no redress.
      How will it all end, I see no great awakening, a few might see what is happening,how many will risk losing their job,to take a lesser one to keep going yet that loss of jobs goes on and on.
      If their is change it does not appear on the horizon.

  6. Watched the cbs livestream this morning.While President Trump was about to leave the White House these reporters were commiserating on the ‘hard times’ they’d endured the past 4 years.It was sickening.Here was the President of the United States.leaving the White House for the last time,and all these people could talk about was themselves.And then this hate towards Melania -its crazy..I’m not even American but i felt a profound sadness.

    Here in Holland we’ve for many years given our democratic consent to multiculturalism and mass-immigration.This is the funeralpyre Enoch Powell was talking about.Just like how the Southafrican Whites -literally- elected to be raiinbow-citizens.This is excruciating enough.But when a population actually choses ‘right’ but their votes are then stolen,this is on a different level.

    Some were hoping for a last-minute Trump-miracle and now there appears to be rancour in some quarters:a resentment that he didnt,after all,stop this communist takeover.

    Jeff could you please address these expectations.How realistic was this sort of talk anyway?Would there even ever have been the necessary personnel to help him pull this off?And if embarked upon,what would failure have looked like?Also,what about the precedent?-In your writings you’ve said that it is important to never be seen as the initiator of agression.Wouldnt future leftists eagerly have exploited this ‘rightist example’?

    (Btw,on the eve of the Indonesia-handover in 1949 a coup almost took place in the Netherlands -https://www.trouw.nl/nieuws/geplande-staatsgreep-door-oud-verzetslieden-geen-fabeltje~bc4d0d56/ -This last-ditch attempt,headed by senior officers and the wartime premier Gerbrandy,was thrwarted by our gueen.A folksaying had warned ‘Indie verloren,rampspoed geboren’ :Indonesia lost,disaster foist’.This actually proved very prescient.)

    1. Best wishes for the Netherlands. Thanks for posting. To answer your question: The expectations of a “counter-coup” or second Trump term were never realistic. Perhaps an essay would be required to explore this further. It is a matter of the culture on which everything now rests. It’s not exactly true that the culture is communist, but the old symbol system, around which all our ideas were once organized, has been decisively altered within the elites. Young people are now exposed to schooling and media that invert classical religious/philosophic ontology. This immediately deprives them of access to the symbolic/mythic, transcendentals and universals and structural ideas that built our civilization. The resulting “outlook” is inimical to its own interests; that is, hostile to nationalism, indifferent to capitalism and freedom, incapable of grasping what America is or who Americans are. This now dominant and evolving worldview is the ruling or guiding outlook in all Western countries. It is supposedly enlightened and obligatory to anyone craving promotion in rank. This outlook is also egalitarian and rationalistic, though still somewhat fluid and evolving toward rigid orthodoxy. Any kind of uprising against this dominant “outlook” must prove politically impossible until a significant cultural challenge were mounted. Everyone in government, sensing the wind from the left, knows any open resistance to its themes is problematic. Every ambitious climber would be looking to betray those who would organize resistance to the emerging conformist ideology. In fact, all those who turned against the president (Trump) in these final days were “realists” in the sense of knowing on which side their bread is buttered; therefore they readily signaled their readiness to denounce all opposition to the dominant “outlook” or worldview. Peer pressure “realism” of this kind accompanied the left’s takeover of the universities and schools, then the various bureaucracies of large corporations and government. As few were truly educated in the old religion/philosophy, a real change in the institutions took place over that last thirty years — a change from Christian civilization to something amenable to socialism; that is, to the new religion. Here is where I quote Khrushchev’s statement, attested to by U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Ezra Taft Benson, disputed by the mainstream media as apocryphal:

      “You Americans are so gullible. No you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and you find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like over-ripe fruit into our hands.”

      Khrushchev also said Benson’s grandchildren would live under communism. Benson testified to this outburst from Khrushchev in a speech. The alleged statement of Khrushchev is very interesting and — indisputably — prescient. My final question is: How do we explain the Soviet leader’s prescience? There is much more to say here, having to do with the transformation and conversion of our culture-transmitting institutions. But as far as coups, civil wars, and resistance to socialism is concerned, America is now a split polity with the new orientation dominant among the ruling elite of government, the military and the large corporations. The traditional American view is now being characterized as “extremist,” and this is what we must dispute if we are to move the country back toward its traditions. Trump was going up against something that was cultural, intellectual, and pervasive.

      1. Jeff, I love this statement: “It’s not exactly true that the culture is communist, but the old symbol system, around which all our ideas were once organized, has been decisively altered within the elites. Young people are now exposed to schooling and media that invert classical religious/philosophic ontology. This immediately deprives them of access to the symbolic/mythic, transcendentals and universals and structural ideas that built our civilization.”

        I wish you would write more about that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were an essay somewhere, written for young people, to explain to them the ideas and symbols they’ve been deprived of? The elites have so effectively inverted morality, and our youth have nowhere to look to tell them what real morality was before it was inverted.

      2. Once deprived of these things, from an early age, it’s likely that the old way of thinking is permanently inaccessible to them. First off, they think it a blessing that they were not “indoctrinated.” Second, they see themselves possessing something superior in “science.” But of course, they believe things that aren’t true with all the fanatical urgency of annoying little crackpots. They are outraged at statements like those I am making now. Global warming, gender flexibility, China is our friend, love of country is racism, materialism, COVID-19 is an “accident,” etc.

      3. Some people,Cliff Kincaid and Frank Gaffney amongst others,appeared to be holding out hope to the absolute very end.I would be very interested to learn why these expectations were unrealistic (i get what you say about the bigger cultural picture,the tall order and such;but what were the immediate,practical impediments?)

        Something else also:As i understand it the impeachment-trial will,at least partly,centre around President Trump’s ‘unfouded’ allegations of election-fraud.These in and of themselves are said to have been inciteful.But do you think this might actually at last provide the opportunity to publicly examine the accusations/evidence.Is this perhaps the recourse (i appreciate that might not be the correct legal term) that the President was denied over the past months.If so,and assuming determinative fraud was then conclusively proven,what would happen then?

      4. All the institutions of government, courts, military, media and the corporate world were against overturning the election. An individual, even if he lives in the White House, cannot change a vote count with all this against him. The idea that “the people” can change things is one of those democratic shibboleths that requires a more careful question: What people with what means?

      5. so its misguided to hope this impeachment-trial could be turned to President Trump’s advantage?There might be exposure of fraud,but it would serve no practical end?

      6. Jeff,didnt mean that in an accusative or snarky way.got two of your books and am 100% onboard with the fake communism-collapse.when the results of the southafrican-referendum were announced i felt like i was in mourning -my appetite was (literally) gone.what is happening in america now reminds me of this.i am just sincerely wondering where exactly you think things are heading..

      7. I don’t think the “New Religion” of socialism in America is viable in the long run. Like it’s variants in China and Russia, it will lose public support as its stewardship proves corrupt and incompetent. In Asiatic countries, with traditions of despotism, the “New Religion” simply used force and fraud to hold power without real public support. In Russia they used election fraud and fake post-communist slogans that were slyly compatible with Soviet socialism and institutions that were Soviet in all but name. This Asiatic pattern cannot be replicated here in the USA. We are not Asians. Our political culture is not authoritarian. It follows that a government based on leftist principles cannot succeed here once people experience the consequent loss of freedom and prosperity. The public will turn, and only the more fanatical true believers will remain. These will not be able to hold power for long. Their tyrannical methods will backfire. The problem, for us, is that the Chinese and Russian governments are watching, preparing to intervene when the tide turns against their secret American confederates. Everything will depend on the military theory, preparedness and stability of China and Russia; and also, whether they will honor agreements with each other. There are many unknowns here. The outcome of a war is not easy to foretell in advance. What person, in July 1940, would have predicted Hitler’s defeat? Some kind of war is coming.

  7. “Man cannot save himself through politics.” So true.

    I don’t want to sermonize, but can I just say something to everyone who reads this, including the many lurkers? I made a small contribution through PayPal. It’s not much, nor is much requested. We need to support people like Jeff who write intelligent, well supported articles like this. There really aren’t many places to find this kind of fare. Dig deep. We’ll all be getting a stimulus every month now anyway.

  8. Outstanding article.

    On another note — the Final Phase Forum (where your writings have been discussed for years) seems to have disappeared. Do you have any knowledge about this? Was it voluntarily taken town or deplatformed?

    1. The Final Phase Forum was voluntarily closed down. The admin pointed people to come over here to this site, to help continue the conversations and observations.

      1. Thank you for that information. I am glad that it was voluntary and not censorship. This blog is seeing much more activity than the forum has for the past few years.

      2. thank you so much for letting us know. i was getting very concerned that it was not a voluntary event.

    1. Thank you, and thanks to everybody who signed up. It would be nice if I could do more with this blogsite, especially with everything that is happening.

  9. The Bill of Rights, is not a wish list. It is what God grants and that which must be defended by the People, though the exercise, thereof.

  10. 12pm, the deed is done. Thank you Jeff for writing this tome. I and many of us here are praying people.

    Those of us committed to walking with Jesus Christ need to pray for the resurrection of the nation. However, before this can occur America must come to full realization of what it has just done. Amerika and the naive individuals have brought us to this place must actually see and taste what they just released upon the freest nation on the globe. May God grant those who love the nation and those who love Him, protection from this epic disaster we are about to witness.

  11. I believe America has fallen asleep into a coma-like death and maybe its like the movie The Invasion of The Body Snatchers. And were being transmogrified into a new creature that has been taken over. We had a chance to wake up, but we chose not to. Trump might have been able to deliver us, but either chose not to or was totally overwhelmed. The military failed us big time. And now, depending whether we go full-on into soft or even hard totalitarianism, Trump will retreat to an uncertain future where potentially his golf courses will be defacto off limits; where Americans will choose to not stay in his hotels and businesses will refuse to rent space in his buildings. And we are living in a country where My Pillow has its feather plucked, Kurt Schilling got thrown out of the ball game, and an anti-communist forum gets deleted.

  12. Brilliant article Jeff, thank you!

    “It is but testimony to the intellectual bankruptcy of this pitiful country.”

    The National Education Association needs to be abolished for starters. One positive thing about Covid-19 is that many parents were suddenly thrust into the role of being educators for their children. They got to see first-hand some of the garbage that is being forced on their kids.

    “Providence has lessons to teach. We need to learn those lessons.”

    Eyes are being opened in all kinds of ways. That is a good thing.

  13. Hundreds in national media demand end to ‘objectivity’

    The call to action published Monday by the Public Media Anti-Racist Partnership also was endorsed by several station leaders, according to Current, a publication for public broadcasting professionals.

    “Public radio newsrooms must transform their coverage by insisting on diverse newsrooms, ending the pursuit of objectivity, rigorously pursuing racial diversity in sourcing and audiences, and developing ethics codes that embrace anti-racism and harm reduction,” said the statement.


    1. “ending the pursuit of objectivity”– In other words, ending the veneer of objectivity, a substance they haven’t had for a long time.

      If this picks up, it means the media will be going into overdrive as the self-anointed thought police for the regime. Expect things that only happened occasionally–like CNN reveling in doxxing a random Trump supporter just for posting memes and even using it as a threat against people–to become the norm. Maybe one of us will get a visit from the media and receive questions on Live TV on why we’re such evil, sexist, homophobic, racist monsters who oppose the pResident in Chief Joe Blowme.

  14. Some hacker is having a good time. LOL! Go to antifa.com and takes you to whitehouse.gov

    1. that and the music of Goreki, his Symphony #3; the short bit of glossalia piece of Lisa Gerrard called Sorrow from the movie Gladiator; and the somberous tones of the main score from Interstellar.

  15. “Where there are many righteous people, the people rejoice, but with a wicked ruler the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2

    “O man, cause to be before you what is pleasing and what the Lord God demands from you, if not to do justice and the loving of undeserved love and the quietly walking with your God.” Micah 6:8

    The word for “justice” in the Micah passage is not the same as the correct personal actions as in the Proverbs verse, rather refers to the justice that should come from a court of law, i.e. societal justice. The question then before us is how do we work for societal justice?

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” U.S. Declaration of Independence, the highest law of the land that the Constitution was written to implement it.

    Did Trump fail in his duty to defend the Constitution against all foes foreign and DOMESTIC, or did he give the orders and faced mutiny who refused orders? There were those already years ago who tried to warn us that Trump is not to be trusted. I’ll have to admit that his pushing the Covid-19 vaccine caused me to distrust him. Was he was a spokesperson for an Operation Trust to keep us quiet? But now that he’s out of the way, we have to act on our own. There is no one to protect us against the tyranny that is coming upon us, except our own arms.

    If Trump thought that by quietly going that he would avoid civil war, he is badly mistaken. By not arresting the criminals who stole the election, he has only made the coming civil war bloodier. He also made war in the Middle East more likely. He has made foreign invasion more likely. He has failed America and the world. He did not follow Micah 6:8.

    The cancel culture thinks that by silencing us, that we’ll go quietly into the night? That we’ll quietly acquiesce to a vaccine that is killing people? That we’ll quietly stand by while we are disarmed? That we’ll quietly wait for someone else to save us?

    Or will we have learned from history that we have to act on our own? That many of us will die? Or will we end up like many of Solchenitsyn’s fellow prisoners, ruing the day they didn’t fight? We’ll see.

    The shooting war has already started. There are those saying that it’s the time to start shooting back.

    In closing, I met a guy who told me that generally he’s pro law enforcement. But if police came to his door to implement something that Biden has already announced, namely disarmament, he will see the police as criminals and will take out as many as he can to stop them. He doesn’t fear his own death. How many others are like him?

    1. The world over, the police are now enemy collaborators and enforcers of crypto-Marxist globalism, which is plainly an occupying force. Much the same could be said of the judiciary and most bureaucrats and politicians, and also, most clergy. So as well as being criminals if they come to disarm you or inject you with a vaccine against your will or to take your kids away because of your conservative views, the police and their commanders are also traitors.

      The Scots Reformer, Samuel Rutherford, wrote in his banned work, Lex Rex, that government violates its mandate once it becomes tyrannical (and his definition of that was anything that went beyond its only legitimate role, i.e. protecting the people within the constraints of God’s Law) and as such, must no longer be complied with. The recourses he proffered from Scripture were protest via legal means, then emigration if that failed and eventually, militant resistance leading to overthrow, once the other means were exhausted or unavailable.

      I would suggest that even before communist infiltration and subversion became an issue, the rot began from the pulpits… unless, of course, it can be demonstrated that communist action was at the root of that too. Either way, the process of the people’s pastors leading them away from the path of life and numbing their minds with bland, fluffy preaching started a very long time ago. This is therefore a time when God’s people must seek Him with renewed vigour, confessing not only their own sins to Him, but pleading for mercy concerning the national sins.

    2. Many in LE will refuse to carry out such orders, and have stated so for a long time. Of course, it also depends on where you live. If it is in a major metro area then you will have to fight to keep your gun Rights, and all other Rights.

      “Did Trump fail in his duty to defend the Constitution against all foes foreign and DOMESTIC, or did he give the orders and faced mutiny who refused orders?”

      Trump did not fail in any way, except in not realizing, as most of us apparently did as well, just how deep and wide the swamp really is and that the swamp protects itself in ways we never imagined.

      Trumps greatest victory has been to get the swamp; vile politicians, bureaucrats, alphabet agencies, especially those entrusted with defending this country against both internal and external enemies, to expose themselves as the true enemies of this country, just by being Donald Trump. Trump scared them enough that it brought them out from under their rocks and other dark hiding places to be know for what they really are; demons from h3ll.

    3. what is death to someone who is having everything taken from him without worldly hope?

    1. Under a declared National Emergency any and all Rights can be suspended indefinitely.
      A National Emergency of that nature could come from many different scenarios.

      Yes, to actually remove the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution would require extreme effort and time to do so.

      Imaginary/contrived National Emergencies can be used as short-cuts to get what they want for an indefinite period of time. Watch of another “biological” issue to take place, as they have already seen how well the Wuhan virus has worked.

      1. True enough, NMOLDSOURDOUGH. I always love to read your insightful comments. What I was trying to do is shine some hope. We need to remember that it isn’t over, so long as we are alive and capable standing up to tyranny. If people think the ending has been decided, they’ll give up. That is emotional suicide.

      2. I think that people are not giving up. They are trying to process events, and that may take time. In a few weeks everything will take on a different feel.

  16. QAnon believers grapple with doubt, spin new theories as Trump era ends: ‘We all got played’
    Drew Harwell and Craig Timberg

    The Washington Post
    Jan. 20, 2021
    Updated: Jan. 20, 2021 2:55 p.m.


    WASHINGTON – Followers of the extremist ideology QAnon saw their hopes once again dashed Wednesday as President Donald Trump left Washington on the final day of his presidency, without any of the climactic scenes of violence and salvation that the sprawling set of conspiracy theories had preached for years would come.

    As Trump boarded Air Force One for his last presidential flight to Florida, many QAnon adherents – some of whom had earlier this month stormed the Capitol in a siege that left at least two QAnon devotees dead and others in jail – began to wonder whether they’d been duped all along.

    When one QAnon channel on the chat app Telegram posted a new theory that suggested Biden himself was “part of the plan,” a number of followers shifted into open rebellion: “This will never happen”; “Just stfu already!” “It’s over. It is sadly, sadly over.” “What a fraud!”

    But while some QAnon disciples gave way to doubt, others doubled down on blind belief or strained to see new coded messages in the Inauguration Day’s events. Some followers noted that 17 flags – Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet – flew on the stage as Trump delivered a farewell address.

    “17 flags! come on now this is getting insane,” said one post on a QAnon forum devoted to the “great awakening,” the quasi-biblical name for QAnon’s utopian end times. “I don’t know how many signs has to be given to us before we ‘trust the plan,'” one commenter said.

    Over thousands of cryptic posts since 2017, Q, QAnon’s unidentified online prophet, had promised that Trump was secretly spearheading a spiritual war against an elite cabal of child-eating Satanists who controlled Washington, Hollywood and the world. Believers in these false, rambling theories had counted down the hours waiting for Trump to corral his enemies for military tribunals and mass executions in a show of force they called “the Storm.”

    But on Wednesday, as reality dawned, QAnon promoters who had gained thousands of online supporters by promising to decode Q’s arcane posts – and profited off their audience, by selling QAnon merchandise or online subscriptions along the way – scrambled to spin the truth of Trump’s loss or shift the goal posts of a deadline four years in the making.

    One QAnon channel on Telegram with 40,000 subscribers noted that the last sentence of Eric Trump’s farewell tweet – ” … the best is yet to come!” – was also a common slogan for QAnon adherents, failing to mention that the phrase is a commonly used cliche. Another QAnon channel with 35,000 Telegram subscribers, devoted to the “Great Awakening,” highlighted Trump’s final remarks as president: “We will be back in some form – Have a good life. We will see you soon.”

    “It simply doesn’t make sense that we all got played,” one QAnon channel on Telegram said.

    Some of the most notable figures in QAnon’s online universe said they were having a change of heart. After Biden’s inauguration, Ron Watkins – the longtime administrator of QAnon’s online home, 8kun, who critics have suspected may have helped write Q’s posts himself, a charge he denies – said on Telegram that it was time to move on.

    “We need to keep our chins up and go back to our lives as best we are able,” said Watkins, who in recent months had become one of the loudest backers of conspiracy theories suggesting Biden’s win was a fraud.

    “We have a new president sworn in and it is our responsibility as citizens to respect the Constitution regardless of whether or not we agree with the specifics,” Watkins added. “As we enter into the next administration please remember all the friends and happy memories we made together over the past few years.”

    But Graham Brookie, director of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, which tracks misinformation, said QAnon followers are making increasingly illogical leaps as they struggle to make sense of developments.

    “It’s something that has long been true of conspiracy theories: When they don’t come to fruition, they shift their delusions to the next thing,” he said. He noted how some comments posted below Trump’s farewell video suggested that “it wasn’t quite time for the Great Awakening, but it’s coming soon and this is how.”

    Researchers said some QAnon supporters appear to be rethinking their commitment due to a range of factors, including Q’s relative silence since the election, Trump’s anticlimactic White House exit, and the Capitol insurrection, which resulted in more than 100 arrests and delayed the certification of Biden’s victory by only several hours.

    But several feared that the rising intensity of those still committed to QAnon could create problems for years to come if a die-hard, militarized core persists in their belief that the U.S. government is controlled by evil pedophiles who successfully subverted the Constitution.

    “What we’re seeing is a trend in increasingly bunker-down, apocalyptic language,” said Joel Finkelstein, co-founder of the Network Contagion Research Institute, a research group that studies online disinformation. “It’s gone from (talk of) a revolution to a civilization-ending kind of collapse.”

    He and other researchers have also chronicled an increasingly global QAnon movement that could outlast its potential weakening in the United States as events and an aggressive crackdown by social media platforms limit the ideology’s reach among Americans. The QAnon followings in Germany and Japan are particularly strong and growing, said Finkelstein, whose research group tracked a surge in QAnon terms the morning of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, including one that said “qarmyjapanflynn.”

    “They’re going to re-emerge at some point because they’ve internationalized,” he said. “There’s a metastasization of QAnon from a national story to a global revolution.”

    QAnon adherents had long anticipated Trump’s military strike against his foes, which they believed would play out like an action movie; the fact that Tuesday was “National Popcorn Day” on mainstream calendars seemed too perfect to be coincidence. Followers in recent days have seen coded messages everywhere: first lady Melania Trump’s black-and-gray coat, worn in her final address, was said to resemble the TV static that would signal the media blackout of Trump’s military takeover.

    But on Wednesday, some promoters recognized that believers being confronted with the reality of QAnon’s baselessness were in need of encouragement. One forum offered doubters a “FAT DOSE OF HOPIUM” – their jargon, meaning reasons for hope – and urged readers to “GET IN HERE IF YOU’RE RUNNING LOW.” The thread used a nine-month-old Q post to suggest that Trump had coordinated another subtly brilliant move in his final hours in office: “He is metaphorically walking away in slow motion while the explosions go off behind him.”

    One of the forum’s moderators, “God_Bless_America1,” posted a thread counseling that “POTUS has NOT let us down or failed, he has done all he could within his power and it is now going to be handing it to the military to take from here exactly as Q drop forecast.” Uncertainty, the moderator added, would not be tolerated: “ANY dooming or negative comments clogging up the site pertaining to current situation will result in removal and ban if repeated.”

    Travis View, a researcher and co-host of the podcast “QAnon Anonymous,” said Inauguration Day had been seen as “a very special day in the QAnon community,” but that the responses to real-world events have been mixed.

    Believers, he said, appear to be splitting between those who see Biden’s ascent to the White House as a sign that the Q’s prophecies were wrong and those who think they were right but need to be recast for a Biden administration in which Trump remains secretly powerful and able to control events unfolding in Washington.

    “A minority are facing reality that Biden’s going to be president,” View said. “Others are coming to believe that the storm they were expecting is still going to happen but sometime during the Biden administration.”

    The day also highlighted the deepening division between QAnon adherents and other far-right extremists, who have voiced growing doubts about Trump. A channel for the Proud Boys, an all-male extremist group prone to street fighting, said Trump had thrown Capitol rioters “under the bus” and called QAnon “a bolshevik lie.”

    QAnon, as with most online creations, will likely not disappear any time soon. On Tuesday night, a small crowd of picketers rallied with signs urging “Repent or Perish” outside Comet Ping Pong, the D.C. pizzeria at the center of Pizzagate – the 2016 conspiracy theory from which QAnon was born.

    View predicted that the QAnon community may shrink in the coming months but also become more fervent in their commitment to its ideas.

    “History has taught us far-right movements don’t cool off during a Democratic administration,” View said. “The people who stick with it are going to become even more radicalized and potentially more dangerous.”

    Written By
    Drew Harwell and Craig Timberg

  17. Trump, supporters will find life different at extreme corners of Web
    Craig Timberg and Drew Harwell
    The Washington Post
    Jan. 19, 2021
    Updated: Jan. 19, 2021 5:39 p.m.


    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump will leave the White House on Wednesday as a man shorn of a key instrument of his power – his Twitter account – amid a broad reckoning over whether even the world’s leading politicians have a right to incite violence and spread hate speech on social media.

    There will always be ways for Trump, and everyone else, to keep making their views known on the Internet. Parler is scrambling its way back online after its purging last week, and an ever-growing list of alternatives are offering similar opportunities for online conversation that is moderated lightly or not at all.

    But those purged from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will find their alternatives comparatively obscure, and while their freedom to speak will be intact, their reach will be diminished and their audiences fractured.

    Even the most extreme voices – QAnon enthusiasts, Proud Boys, boogaloo boys, white supremacists, anti-Semites – have found ways to keep talking to one another online after mainstream platforms expelled them or, to use an increasingly popular term, “deplatformed” them. What got significantly curbed was their ability to talk to everyone else.

    “I’m hearing some conversations that seem to suggest that deplatforming is a cure-all for radicalization, and that is not at all what the evidence suggests,” said Amarnath Amarasingam, an extremism researcher at Queen’s University in Ontario. “What deplatforming does is disrupt networks, makes it harder for individuals to find each other again, shatters the trust that existed between them [and] takes the megaphone away.”

    These forces will help shape Trump’s post-White House future and that of a riven, traumatized nation whose new leader, President-elect Joe Biden, has vowed to heal it.

    There has been a 73% drop in misinformation related to false claims about election fraud, analytics firm Zignal Labs reported over the weekend, suggesting that concerted action by mainstream platforms can be effective at slowing the spread of falsehoods. Twitter erased more than 70,000 accounts affiliated with QAnon, a set of false claims that have coalesced into an extremist ideology that has radicalized its followers, after the Capitol breach.

    The shifting ground rules and rising assertiveness of big tech companies have recast the world’s information infrastructure in still-unfolding ways.

    It’s clearer than ever who has ultimate power in this world – owners of social media sites and Internet services companies. But how they will use it now is largely unknown, despite a thicket of official platform policies that grows denser by the year.

    Silicon Valley’s power, meanwhile, has become a bipartisan concern, as made clear by the antitrust investigations underway among dozens of state attorneys general and the U.S. Justice Department – something that’s unlikely to change under a Biden administration. But as those investigations play out, tech companies are going to face more immediate fallout from their ongoing drive to rid their platforms of their most virulent voices.

    For individual users, the consequences stand to be stark. Increasingly there is evidence that when a user on a mainstream platform moves to Gab, MeWe or 8kun, the user’s audiences shrink even as the user becomes more intense in voicing outsider grievances.

    President Donald Trump, for years the center of American attention, now finds himself at the fringe. Trump built an army of 88 million followers on Twitter over years of frenetic daily posting, and he lost them overnight. After a few failed attempts to tweet from other accounts, he has gone digitally silent. Fringe sites such as Gab have called on him to join them, but he has yet to officially start over anywhere else.

    The social network Parler, a favorite of conservatives, is often thought of as an alternative. But Apple and Google dropped it from their app stores after the a mob stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, destroying its ability to reach users on their cellphones. Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing giant that undergirds much of the modern Internet, also removed the site, saying in a legal filing that Parler had showed an “unwillingness and inability” to remove content “inciting and planning the rape, torture, and assassination of named public officials and private citizens.”

    Parler remains mostly offline, but a landing page on the site says its “return is inevitable,” and it has found a helping hand from a Russian company, DDoS-Guard, which helps keep websites online by defending against cyberattacks. The company also has assisted Russian military websites and the far-right message board 8kun, which is home to QAnon.

    DDoS-Guard officials, who did not respond to requests for comment, said in a statement to Forbes that Parler “does not violate either our Acceptable Use Policy or the current U.S. law to the best of our knowledge.”

    Other smaller companies, such as Epik and VanwaTech, have stepped in to provide critical services to Gab, 8kun and other websites when other companies pulled their support over the hosting of hate speech or violent threats.

    After three mass shootings were linked to posts and racist screeds on 8chan, the site was dropped by the British tech firm Voxility, which said 8chan had facilitated deadly violence and “extreme hate speech with intolerable consequences.” Epik’s chief Rob Monster defended the company’s ongoing work with 8kun, as 8chan is now known, by saying it would not “limit speech that makes us uncomfortable.”

    The niche platforms have a tiny fraction of their mainstream rivals’ relevance or recruitment potential. Three of the biggest pro-Trump sites on the Internet – Parler, Gab and TheDonald.win – have seen a combined average of about 3 million website visits a day in the U.S. since the insurrection, according to analytics firm SimilarWeb.

    That’s about 5% of Twitter’s daily U.S. traffic over the same time frame, 57 million visits a day, and 2% of Facebook’s, more than 140 million. The gap is bigger on a global stage: Facebook and Twitter had more than 1 billion visits worldwide on Jan. 6.

    Amarasingam compared the removal of domestic online extremists to the takedown of the Islamic State’s online network in recent years. The true believers returned on less prominent platforms, but not in the same freewheeling way. The move hurt their ability to spread their messages and conduct mass recruitment, but it did not stop more-targeted communication efforts.

    Such comparisons are increasingly familiar among those studying how online extremism can lead to offline violence, as happened with the boogaloo boys, militant groups and QAnon supporters.

    Audrey Alexander, a researcher who studies online extremism at the United States Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center, said that social media bans on the Islamic State weakened the terrorist group’s recruitment of new followers and that the organization’s ability to rebuild was limited by the smaller Internet alternatives it turned to in the aftermath.

    Violent organizing and hate speech cannot be eradicated from the Internet, she said, but they can be marginalized and tech companies have begun experimenting with a number of methods, from limiting a channel’s dissemination ability to promoting more authoritative voices in subscriptions and searches.

    But “if we work too hard to push them to a place where the mainstream won’t see them, the fringe is really going to validate itself with all this escalating behavior and egging each other on,” she added. “People start to believe, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of other people who believe the same things, too.’ ”

    SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks online extremism, has identified three new Web addresses for TheDonald, the fervently pro-Trump community that started on Reddit but was banished. The website where it now operates was a hub for organizing, instigating and celebrating the Capitol siege. The moderators of the forum recently urged users to bookmark the new Web addresses, presumably in case the main site is knocked offline, and they are using several domain registrars and hosting services to guard against possible punitive action by any single company.

    A post on 4chan and Telegram, under the headline “The Big Tech Flippening,” lists alternatives to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp, Discord, Instagram, and the mainstream browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    The shift to smaller messaging and social media sites – whether from a purge or a voluntary exodus – means “you stop the recruitment of innocent people” who might stumble upon extremist messaging, said Rita Katz, the executive director of SITE. “At the same time, there’s greater threat to being made radical” among those communicating in more confined communities.

    Lin Wood, a Georgia attorney who has led a failing legal crusade to overturn Trump’s election loss, built a massive Twitter audience with false tweets about conspiracy theories and voter fraud – nearly 1.2 million followers, roughly 100,000 of whom followed him the day before the attack on the Capitol. On that morning, he tweeted, “Time to fight for our freedom. Pledge your lives, your fortunes, & your sacred honor. . . . TODAY IS OUR DAY.”

    When Twitter barred him a day later for allegedly inciting violence, he continued posting on Parler, where he told his more than 500,000 followers that Vice President Mike Pence should be executed.

    Wood, who did not respond to requests for comment, has continued to post online about baseless claims of a vast and “evil” conspiracy, saying on Tuesday that Pence, Hillary Clinton and Chief Justice John Roberts had been involved in a plot to murder federal judges.

    But with Twitter barring him and Parler no longer accessible, he has been unable to replicate his old audience: Wood now posts mostly on Telegram, a messaging app that allows group chats, where he has about 400,000 subscribers and none of the simple retweeting tools that allow his fans to share his message to a broader audience.

    On Tuesday, he announced that he’d hit a new obstacle, saying Telegram had suspended replies to his posts because users had been “posting improper content.” He asked that his followers “please consider sharing my posts.”

    “Share truth with others. Thank you,” he concluded, adding emoji for folded hands and a heart.

    Written By
    Craig Timberg and Drew Harwell

    1. I don’t understand this matter-of-fact statement that Trump incited violence. It is frightening in its “factual” insistence of the unfactual.

      1. It was the Antifa/BLM infiltrating those Trump spoke with, that took what he said, and turned it into an order to riot. Old Bolshevik tactic to disrupt and provoke violence, and with the media backing up their claims it takes on a life of its own.
        We are now in a very unfortunate situation which can become very dangerous, much like walking through a minefield. Every step needs to be carefully considered before being taken.

      2. They’ve been doing these “matter-of-fact” style declarations for a long time now, calling Trump a liar, declaring what is and isn’t true, working on the most vile and absurd of assumptions. Nothing new about it. Just the latest example.

    2. Both the Washington Post and the Houston Chronicle are extremely liberal. Why are you going there for your news?

      1. You have to gather info from both sides to gauge the whole picture how we are seen by the left. Jeff said that Op-Ed I posted on an earlier comparing Trump supporters to the KKK and being labeled as domestic terrorist group deserving of severe special federal prosecution was a very important article revelation, and one of the most disturbing he has read in a while.

  18. In my earlier posting, I forgot to mention that sometimes God allows wicked people into leadership of countries to punish wicked peoples.

    Hitler came to power over a nation that had already practiced genocide as well as the murder of other innocent people. It was the founder and primary sponsor of a teaching that attacks the veracity of the Bible, and that in the state churches no less. It was a country known for other moral abominations.

    China was a moral cesspool when Mao took over. In fact, the immorality aided Mao in his victory.

    With a little poking around, other countries can serve as examples.

    Now we look at the U.S. We’ve murdered over 60 million innocent lives through abortion. We push the abomination of homosexuality onto other countries. As a country, we practice other actions that God calls wicked. Why should we escape God’s judgment? The sad part is that when God judges a nation, the “good” people suffer along with the wicked.

    Biden and Harris came into power through criminal fraud, as a result I don’t see them as legitimate leaders of the country. But they have the power. They will make this country suffer.

    1. RO, please elaborate on China’s issues prior to Mao–i am not aware of this. Good evidence that elements within our State department aided the communist takeover of their nation by holding back arms that ChangK purchased to fight Mao. And in Russia, there is generational history of the Tzars targeting Jewish communities with violent pogroms with tens of thousands dead and forced to relocate (this provided angry fodder for the Bolsheviks). Nicholas was detached from his citizens and allowed foolish things to occur. So yes, i think its true that the totalitarianism comes into a nation due to nation giving itself over to a long term sinful behaviour. We indeed are ripe for this judgment–9/11 was the warning shot over the bow–we chose not to listen but instead doubled down by electing a rebellious man given over to reprobate thinking and who was seemingly raised up by Russia (as per Tom Fife—thanks JR for that interview!).

      1. Arnoldfishman: before the communists took over China, everyone did what was pleasing in his own eyes. Or at least as far as he thought he could get away with it. The landowners oppressed the landless workers. Sexual immorality was rife. Girls and handicapped boys were regularly killed just because of who they were. Even though the government tried to stop it, drug addiction was rampant. There was open demonic practices. Stealing was common, both by dishonest shop keepers and thieves. And so forth.

        One way that the communists were able to take over many rural villages was when they entered a village, they asked who was the head-man of the village. They immediately killed him. The peasants rejoiced that their oppressor was eliminated and supported the communists. (There were some villages run by Christians called “the Jesus Family”. Their head-men were not killed, because they took to heart Jesus’ teaching, that whoever seeks to be leader, must be the servant by all. As a result, the head-men had the privilege of doing the least liked jobs in the village. Eventually, however, the communists shut down those villages because of persecuting Christians.)

        Dishonesty is still common in China, even after the communists took power. So much so that Chinese can’t trust the food that they eat. Sexual immorality is also common. Each person does what is pleasing in his own eyes, as far as he thinks he can get away with it.

  19. US gov’t is an occupying force, in America just as it is abroad. Suspect the NWO is already up and running but the people need to be frightened by war to accept the global control. Americans are under incredible psychological warfare and torture by their enemies in DC it’s no wonder they can’t distinguish reality.

    1. No. The U.S. Government is not an occupying force. Not yet. These are still our countrymen, deluded by enemy active measures, turned against themselves. Those who are corrupt, who are behind the deception, are the enemies of our country. America is still America. The Constitution is still in place. Let them destroy the Constitution, then all will see who the enemies within are. They will reveal themselves shortly. Mark who they are, on the left and the right. You will be surprised who rallies to the country and who stabs her in the back.

      1. surprised to see you say this. How is it not completely illegitimate at this point? How are their idiot dupes who are now being turned into stasi informants, not the enemy? I find them, as the primary enablers, the most detestable of all.

      2. We must not exaggerate. The situation demands precision. The political system is not an occupation government because we have many governments and many branches of government in this country. Biden and Harris represent one branch of the federal government. Their powers are limited. Let us see if the other governments and branches resist or fall in line. Remember: We have separation of powers. Characterizing all the parts as tyrannous is not fair. Right now the old system remains in place. Each part must be evaluated as events unfold. Federalism may be rolled up, the Constitution violated, as you assume. But we should wait and see how this plays out.

      3. In many ways they have already revealed themselves by what has taken place since November 3rd.
        The Democrat Crime Family, a.k.a. the swamp, and their stooges, the Neocons made absolutely sure that no one that attempted to challenge the 2020 General Elections made it very far. Other challenges that were expected or hoped for based on the Constitution were either threatened in some way, as they all basically stood down or only provided weak attempts to do anything.
        The Constitution hangs by threads right now, and time will tell if it continues to hang on or not.

      4. Indeed, as JRN implies, we are in a tentative period of metamorphosis in between to paradigms. The shock causes a breakdown and reeling of the psyche, much like the turn of a caterpillar into a Chrysalid. The process of initiation afterwards, of making sense of it, when the dust settles, that is the key part that builds the character. Liberals have zero character, or are designed to go from one political thrill to the next Xanax drug abuse , from metamorphosis to metamorphosis, desperately trying to coalesce into a culture and “gang” of their own. However gangs and ideology are very poor satisfying substitute for meaning compared to genuine historical and cultural orientation. Liberals are not going anywhere. They either have to rehabilitate themselves to reality and American culture somehow with a massive transfer (a war?) or they will continue degrading and disintegrating themselves. Of course, meantime, their stress and neurosis will be oriented to take it on Trump and conservatives, but that is laughable, much as it was laughable the way Romans and Pharisees and even the apostles took it on Jesus. All I can say is hang tight. It is going to be one heck of passage to adulthood for a utopian society which refuses to become adult and undergo rituals of responsibility. Either way it will happen, exiled to Babylon or here enduring it.

    2. Both the judicial branch heads and the electoral branch for the most part caved in to pressure and few stood their ground. We even saw mainstream Christian Trump supporters cave such as Jay Sekulow. Many thought the military would be the Alamo for the President but that turned into an empty suit with ribbons. Add the tech giants and the complicit media and it becomes a potent stew. if this level of “druck” exists, who indeed is capable of withstanding? But for God…

      1. Jeff, not sure what you mean by “the proof of things believed is not accessible to everyone” in reply to ARNOLDFISHMAN’s comment. Please spell it out so we understand.

        Lots of people, including many of your readers, are feeling hopeless because the Supreme Court has shown itself to be corrupt, the new administration is corrupt, at least half of Congress is corrupt, the media is corrupt, the universities are corrupt, Hollywood is corrupt, and conservatives are being silenced and persecuted. Many people feel it’s all over and are probably even struggling with thoughts of suicide.

        Can you help shine some light specifically on where there is still hope, to help these people? And what we need to do in terms of where to focus the fight, our resistance?

      2. We must remember that the country is attempting to process what has happened. People are not seeing the same things, but are sometimes imagining what is not there (on the left and the right). This is a very real problem, which is causing a lot of confusion. In fact, the present hysteria fosters abject fantasies about Trump and secret military actors, insurrection its plots, etc. People are not into reality at times like these, because their desire for fantasy gets the better of them, on account of their inability to digest the bad news. If there is an answer to our desperate situation, it is something that has not occurred to us; or is something that has not happened. Everything in history is resolved, one way or another; often tragically, always opening the door to the next thing. There are no guaranteed happy endings in this world; only in the mystery that follows. So very much lies in our consciousness, and depends on our qualities, and our strengths. The reality of what is happening, because it involves elements of deception and self-deception, is not fully recognized as yet. There is, as well, an hysterical optimism that has existed in the American psyche, which is manifesting on the right and left in different ways. Contact with reality is not readily met with. Dan Bongino is an exception. A rare person who is actually processing the situation. We need a thousand like him.

      3. “But for God…” Amen. And I still believe He’s going to do a miracle! I have never stopped believing. Our dates for electors or even an inauguration mean nothing to Him. He has His own plans and His timing will be perfect. Isaiah 55:8-9 (NLT) “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.”

    3. Let us not mix everything here. The US government is a self hating hysteric in the image of those self hating billioanaires who act as Saints of the US dollar while unconsciously they are scared, feminine and submissive, dying for the Shrew, ie. Beijing, to take over. The shrew hates everyone, the hysteric hates herself. The whole process in American politics is not fully conscious, but wholly unconscious. This is why Russia has nukes at the ready because they know the script could quickly flip on them. The unconscious is a tricky animal, not to be trusted. Russia and China are walking on eggshells, believe it or not. All their doings and sayings are carefully crafted to hold together this dangerous American liberal beast. No revolution happens successfully without the unconscious having a play. The conscious people seldom succeed as a “movement”. They facilitated this liberal and milked it so far pretty well, but there is a limit. In a way this beast is far more dangerous to them than they are to us due to its brash unconscious mass nature.

  20. Turns my stomach….

    “Meanwhile, after Biden officially ordered the US to halt its departure from the WHO yesterday and rejoin its Covax vaccine-sharing program spearheaded by Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared at an early morning meeting Thursday where he reaffirmed America’s commitment to the WHO.

    Dr. Fauci, who will now lead the US delegation, said “I am honored to announce that the United States will remain a member of the World Health Organization.” His words marked the first public statement by a member of Biden’s administration to an international audience – and a sign of the priority that the new president has made of fighting COVID-19 both at home and with world partners.”


  21. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I might expand on what the Hong Kong based twitter contact told me about the Hong Kong Democracy Movement due to the fact I could not explain in a long way when I called in to the John Moore radio show. But overall, he is very critical of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and his opinion is that it was created by the Chinese Communist Party. The information I was given in regards to the Hong Kong Democracy Movement by the Hong Kong based Twitter contact is that the movement itself was created around the same time when the British were negotiating with the Chinese Communists in an attempt to extend the lease on Hong Kong. From what I learnt, Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Communist Party leadership during that time ordered the creation of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement which would include political parties, the man who delivered the orders from Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Communist Party leadership on the creation of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement was none other than Xu Jiatun.

    According to my Hong Kong based Twitter contact, when I asked what role or capacity was Xu Jiatun involved when it came to the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong. The feedback I got was that during the 1980’s Xu Jiatun was the head of the Xinhua News Branch in Hong Kong during the 1980’s and was also the representative of the Chinese Communist Party to the British Government in Hong Kong and the handler of the Hong Kong Underground Communist Party. The Hong Kong twitter based contact also referred me to a article on the South China Morning Post which is only available to readers who subscribe or pay, they have a article on Xu Jiatun which mentions that Xu Jiatun was the man who had access to Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Communist Party leadership during the 1980’s and his role was also to facilitate meetings for business tycoons and politicians and lawyers from Hong Kong with Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Communist Party leadership. From what I was told Xu Jiatun tasked Szeto Wah who is considered and has been accused by Hong Kong anti communists of being a Hong Kong Underground Communist Party member and Martin Lee with setting up the United Democrats of Hong Kong which would later merge with another party called Meeting Point in the 1990’s to form what is now known as the Hong Kong Democratic Party.

    Not sure how much of this is known out in the West in regards to Hong Kong but also my Hong Kong based twitter contact is noticing that the Hong Kong Democracy Movement is looking similar to Operation Trust run by the Soviets

  22. Jeff, what is your opinion of Solzenitsyn? I haven’t heard you mention him much.

    1. I have quoted Solzhenitsyn in my first book. In his extreme old age he wanted to believe in Putin, which was naive or the result of cognitive decline. Some Russians I’ve known had him for dinner back in the day. They despised him, I think, unfairly. There is a line between persons of the old stamp and the new. Solzhenitsyn spoke and wrote with the old stamp. He was, to some extent, a living reproach to modernity — American and Russian. I believe his connection with the past is something we can learn from, since there was also a very odd connection here to the future. For a world focused on the present, as we are, this is incomprehensible. Solzhenitsyn was what Nietzsche called “a posthumous man.”

      1. DENVER COLORADO AGREES . I HAVE read Solzhenitsyn and Rasptin…what is the quote ..when they came for my neighbor i said nothing ..when they came for …me their was no one ……….
        christianblacknamvetretiredpostalworker..the war is not war evil does not sleep…

  23. Yes, not sure where they go to school nowadays. Psychology 101 teaches the difference between ethnic identity (the label) and personality identity (the real person). Enter leftist critical race theory where everything is ethnic identity, ie. the very tool that Hitler used to describe someone for their jewness instead of their higher physics abilities. Hitler only used the tools of the left, that these communists offered. But these pre-pubescent Luke Skywalker liberals living in the manicheist fantasy of StarWars insist that the brew (Nazism) is what is exclusively bad, not the witch (communism) which made this brew.

    We understand their perverted vicious intuition coming from the unconscious. I also understand that federal police of the DOJ like coward Barr also views the badge identity as more important than the competency – than the ethnic personality. We already know how the CIa revolt against Engleton was cryptically worded in Soviet-talk of critical race/badge theory , blaming him for “destroying the morale” at the CIA – tarnishing the badge in the name of competency. Right there the ingredients of leftwing narcissism were set, even if it meant allowing the KKk or its arab ISIS affiliates to march while forbidding Trump supporters from marching in the end.

    I was wondering how the Political pseudo-accademic critical race theory would all of a sudden supersede true atheistic Pure Reason, banishing basic psychology just like that. Was it because jewish descendants of victims of Nazism (and by extension of communism) suffer from a super-ego identity badge of appropriating the holocaust – appropriating the survival personality and character of their forefather while they themselves have so little – ie. as they like Sorros would probably have kissed Hitler’s boots and sold away their older relatives? Same with blacks whose sometimes sincere wish to go back into history and attempt to live up to the courage and resilience of their ancestors ends up degenerating into a cult of Cthulu, trading Pure Reason for this Marxist coded religion of the dead reproaching the living of being alive and being wealthy. How can their be peace when one party’s language inherently includes grievances unilaterally? Here cannot be a “conversation” about putting down statues, a conversation is about putting new ones and maintaining the current ones, in a negotiation of equals. But these PC rationalizing buzz words are put in the minds of these brainless politicians to look good, to look the badge, without understanding the disastrous narcissistic and eventually terroristic implications of what they are saying.

    It is amazing to see so many young brats appropriating the character of their forefathers and distorting it in a trap of identification appropriation. Whether they are white, jewish, black, all of them appropriate now an identity. Even a white liberal antifa hypocritically crying for Black Live Matters tacitly admits he or she belongs to the identity of some ancestor Nazi oppressor, adopting the white supremacist narcissist badge while accusing Trump of using the tax law these goons concocted for themselves. And to see blacks and jews let these little Nazis then take charge shows how idiotic and brainwashed these super-ego suffering and manipulated minorities are.

    As you were, Marx said it would be a planned Tragedy and then a Farce. Indeed, it is what these witches do. They brew a nasty pot of Nazi identity politics murdering 6 million jews, and then the Morgan fairy herself gets drunk on her own juices and glorify it.

  24. In connection with the last few days, what happens to a society where criminality is not only not punished, but rewarded?

    Here we see no only the crime of a stolen election, but the criminals are rewarded with taking over the government. Now they reward their partners in crime.

    As far as Trump is concerned, I don’t trust the guy. The last straw for me was when he started pushing the “vaccine” championed by that criminal Bill Gates who has maimed many thousands and killed hundreds with his “vaccines”, and who funded WHO and Dr. Fauci. Before that, why is the Clinton crime family still free and enjoying their wealth and mansions? Looking at the people he pardoned in the last days of his administration, according to news reports that I read, some of them were real criminals who didn’t deserve a pardon.

    Why is it that in this society that crime pays? What will rampant criminality do to our society?

    1. A period of spoliation is impending. Chaos and violence typically coincides with this kind of thing. Something new appears on the other side of this.

    2. at first i too didnt trust Trump.but then he stood up for charlotttesville (“fine people”),Nick Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse.he even tweeted about the plaasmoorde that was truly exceptional (a dogwhistle?-but to whom?i suspect that very few Americans even know what the word plaasmoorde means).,btw Trump almost never wore a mask.subliminal messaging?

      1. I have no idea what that means. Not being a dog I cannot hear dog whistling. The communists kill innocent people and they do it by dog whistles, and the farm murders in South Africa are their work!

  25. Hi Jeff. Due to the present crisis where we have a President who is the Manchurian candidate (as FDR was Moscow’s candidate) it may be an excellent time to view Frank Capra’s Know Your Enemy with the hope that America will WAKE UP to the the Present Danger China.


    Along the lines of My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge …Ludwig Lagerstedt – Also Known As An0maly has put together the following presentation where he Pleas for 1. Accuracy in the Media 2. Knowledge of the True nature of the Enemy and 3. Discernment for Patriots.


    Please tell me what you make of Lagerstedt’s presentation Jeff.

    I wish you the Best Jeff. Thanks.

  26. Last I looked there wasn’t a lot of activity there. He had moved the forum onto a free forum provider, but I guess that didn’t last long. If he was the one carrying the freight, then I can’t blame him for closing it down.

    1. I was on TFP board for nearly 20 years in it’s several iterations. It started on Jeff’s own “blog” Hilo Bill made a web page called The Final Phase and started a forum/ bulliten board on some app. There were many great talks , much information shared. At some point ezboard was hacked massively and many boards went down. Belmont Mark Top GunUk Markolinux William Wallace and others stopped posting much on the last iteration of the forum. The last iteration was Spamed by Vietnamese language and super long incomprehensible ramblings by Siglemaungd /”sharpy” and others. It was a mess. I’m glad Hilo Bill shut it down. I think everyone serious about history and communism learned a lot from those forums. And Jeff Nyquists book Origins of the Fourth World War was the impetus. Thank you Jeff and Wade Queen and Missy Kelly, you have given us a great education. Now we are back to the original, commenting on Jeff’s blog.

  27. Jeff, on the immediate surface looks bleak, but God certainly is not done. Norman Dodd, congressional researcher (Reese Committee that investigated un-American and pro-communist activities by the major American non-profit foundations (such as Carnegie, Ford, McCarthur) came to the same conclusion 40 or more years ago that it is unlikely the nation will be able to pull back the threads of collectivism to connect the dots to the where the infiltration and planned hollowing out of the American way of individual liberty began. He was not optimistic we could turn it around (Radio Liberty and Edward Griffin interviews of Norman Dodd).

    1. Communism has overtaken many other countries. Why should God spare us? Are we particularly deserving? No. The situation itself is a test. Let’s see if we fail the test.

      1. Jeff, why should God spare us? the only reasons i can think of is that we were a God-fearing God-honoring nation that has promoted a degree of biblically founded constitution, we are a nation that feeds the poor around the world, we aided and for the most part have stood with Israel for the long haul for (I know the dark spots too on this). it is very unfortunate the Trumps 2nd term was stolen… the repentance over abortion in the many prayer rallies and the new SCOTUS justices might have actually moved the Congress to action and acts of restitution.

  28. “Many in LE will refuse to carry out such orders, and have stated so for a long time.” But that won’t help individual LEOs unless 100% of their departments also refuse to carry out such orders and make it very public that they as a department refuse such orders.

    An example is when Eric Garner was killed by what was claimed to be an illegal choke hold, two officers who had nothing to do with that event were ambushed and murdered by an unstable individual enraged by that death. That unstable person merely saw the blue uniform. He considered all police to be enemies therefore legitimate targets.

    Once a department orders some of its officers to disarm the public, as happened after New Orleans was hit by hurricane Katrina, this time there will be shooting and killing to stop it. Once the shooting and killing starts, that would be civil war. All LEOs in that department will be legitimate war targets. Including those who refused orders. Just the fact that some officers in a department have been sent to disarm the public, that puts a target on the backs of all officers in the department. Once the civil war starts, it won’t be just crazy individuals cutting down the police, but trained snipers and other militarily connected individuals.

    We see already in Washington DC that the police in that city have allied themselves with Antifa and their ilk against other Americans. How many other police departments have done the same? For those individual LEOs in those departments who disagree with such policies, what is their best course of action?

    As for the military, we can expect the generals and other flag officers to be enemies of the people, but what about those NCOs and below who disagree with those policies? Will we see massive desertion among those ranks?

    The more I think about it, the worse it sounds.

    Even when things are looking their blackest, that’s when we need to stay at our posts, working for justice. Our posts may change from being an active LEO or military to part of the general militia, but we mustn’t give up. Who knows? Maybe God will have mercy on us, just as he had on the Maccabees.

    1. The question boils down to this: Will the country allow the communists — in Democratic guise — to pour dirt over them until they are buried, or will the country wrestle the shovels from its gravediggers?

  29. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, the other day I was watching some news from Hong Kong, there was newspiece which caught my attention, the reporter was reporting on the National Security law cases and claimed Hong Kong still has judicial independence, well when I was talking with a Twitter contact of mine who is based in Hong Kong, he told me that the judicial system that the British built in Hong Kong along with the european judges that are appointed have all been fired or removed and judicial independence does not exist in Hong Kong anymore. My Hong Kong twitter based contact also told me the Hong Kong Legislative Council has also been destroyed and is nothing but theater. It seems that on the Rudolf Baresic show which we did on the Chinese Communists would eventually destroy what the British built in Hong Kong is becoming very real

  30. First of all, the communists and communist sympathizers are in both parties. After all, there were only seven Republican Senators who stood up to say “The emperor has no clothes”, i.e. there was blatant voter fraud.

    Secondly, will the country fall for an Operation Trust centered on Trump? Will Trump act in that capacity? After all, did we not already have the act one of an Operation Trust where Trump assembled all the capacity to arrest hundreds if not thousands of communist and communist sympathizing traitors along with confident statements that he would stay in office in spite of the stolen election, only at the last minute not pull the trigger? Were we not told to stay quiet because he would come through for us? Will he now lead an act two of an Operation Trust by staying in the public eye with promises of a comeback that will clean up the Swamp, a promise he didn’t keep the first time around, and that in the meanwhile not to do anything “crazy” like self-defense?

    There’s a commentator, whom I won’t name because of his antisemitism, who has political connections and from those has been trying to warn us all along that Trump is a fraud. Trump from day one of his presidency surrounded himself with Swamp critters (communists and communist sympathizers) whom the commentator knew about and recognized from his political connections. And that was deliberate.

    Right now it appears that the only way to wrest the shovels from the grave diggers is through force of arms, but even so we need to have them fire the first shot. Going door to door confiscating weapons is firing the first shot. We need to be like the minutemen at Concord bridge. Start out small groups locally, not waiting for any national savior. We need to join together like the supporters of Clive Bundy. Groups as small as five or six are enough to stop a police group confiscating arms.

  31. If Trump was a “fraud,” then why have the Deep Staters and leftists so focused their deranged fury at him, his family, and his business (and continue to do so)? How then would they treat a non-“fraud”? The man fought tooth-and-nail for what’s right and will end up being financially devastated. What more was he supposed to do post-election with all of the lawful powers arrayed against him?

    Naw, there are plenty of frauds around (Romney, McCain, the Bushes), but Trump ain’t among them, imperfect though he may be.

  32. Reply to R.O. RE: “First of all, the communists and communist sympathizers are in both parties. After all, there were only seven Republican Senators who stood up to say “The emperor has no clothes”, i.e. there was blatant voter fraud. ”

    “Secondly, will the country fall for an Operation Trust centered on Trump?”

    Pedro Gonzales has been looking into these matters.

    Who Runs the White House


    Forgotten Again


    The Stupid Party Redux


    Not Quite MAGA


    Grifting on a Dream


    Rewarding Enemies, Punishing Friends


  33. None of them are Communists, either. The United States does not control the means of production. They are all, Fascists. Not that Communism is any better. This is the, New World Order. Trump did some conservative things, but primarily his role is to demoralize conservatives and Christians.

    1. Trump’s role? This is conspiracy talk favored by the bitter few. It is curious, in this context, that you refer to the United States as “fascist.” Calling America fascist is a favorite communist theme. Please do not use it here. And what a self-parody it is for YOU to call Trump a demoralizer when YOU are an agent of demoralization — witting or unwitting. As for Trump demoralizing Christians, they were already demoralized before Trump appeared. Please note: Christians have done a very good job demoralizing themselves. One only has to look at the divorce rate among “Christians.”

  34. Pat Riotact: why make a distinction between Fascists and Communists? After all, they are two sides of the same coin, namely Marxism.

    The economic teaching of Marxism is a marriage between big government and big business. Under the Communist branch of Marxism, big government owns big business. Under the Fascist branch of Marxism, big business and big government work together, with big government having the final say. Communist China seems to have it both ways—some big old firms like steel mills still owned by the government, while other companies like Alibaba privately owned but still under government control.

    As for “Christians”, how many are really Christian? I mean who read the Bible regularly and know what it means to be a Christian? It may be far fewer than what you think.

  35. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, a Twitter contact of mine from Hong Kong showed me this, one of the leaders of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement, Joshua Wong meeting with the Chinese Communist Party involved BLM and even saying that BLM shares the same struggle with Hong Kong people against the CCP:

    1. Camouflage of this kind is always part of warfare. By confusing us about the unity of Marxism as a global movement, they forestall our attempts to defend.

  36. This sounds like an Operation Trust article. The reporter means well and just relays what his sources tell him, but it appears designed to keep us quiet while the communists solidify their control.

    The article is titled “The trigger for the military to move against Biden (you won’t like this)”. It goes on to say “Although Trump reportedly signed the documents to turn over control to the military under a limited scenario of emergency powers, the military did not want to move against Biden on Inauguration Day out of fear that a nationwide civil war would commence immediately thereafter. … As I’ve learned, the civil war scenario is a concern to the military because it would destabilize the United States and make the country increasingly vulnerable to attacks for foreign aggressors (namely China). So the Inauguration Day plan was nixed.” So far, this sounds plausible. In other words, Trump pulled the trigger to arrest the criminals and traitors presently running the government, but faced a mutiny among the military who were to carry out the arrests.

    But then the article goes on to say “As was shared with me, the military has comprehensive proof that the election was rigged by foreign aggressors working with domestic actors. They know the full list of seditious traitors and treasonous operators, and there is indeed an arrest list in place. However, the military is reluctant to move against Biden until Biden’s popularity drops due to his rolling out of bad policies (which has already begun, of course). … Sadly, it looks like we’re all going to have to experience a few months of that doom as Biden attempts to rip this nation apart … Until the day comes that the military decides to invoke its sworn oath to defend this nation against domestic enemies …” sounds like the reporter fell for an Operation Trust feed to him.

    The time to start shooting back is when the first AR-15 is taken from a citizen. Don’t wait for the military to act. Yes, it will mean civil war, and our external enemies will use that as an opportunity to invade, but the other option is to have our militia as defined during the time the Constitution was written being disarmed and unable to fulfill its duty under the Second Amendment when we are invaded.

    Does this sound like an Operation Trust to you?

    The full article is found at https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-01-25-situation-update-jan-25th-trigger-military-biden.html

    1. Here, again, we find a Wilderness of Mirrors. The problem with this analysis is that it only goes skin deep. The culture is decisive here. The political institutions derive from the culture, as does the military. And the military has no political expertise to be playing such games with success. Even if it is true, it is no path to salvation. Generals aren’t usually competent politicians.

  37. The United States Of America, fell into disuse after Lincoln’s War. The 14th Amendment is the first instance of the terms, “United States,” “Person,” and “Privilege”. Prior to that, it was, “The United States Of America,” “Men,” and “Rights”. This illegitimate amendment was imposed under Martial Law, as the South boycotted the First Congress after the war against free enterprise. Whatever term you use to describe the current US Government, it’s becoming more and more totalitarian. The election fraud would not have stood, if the Republican never Trumpers of the Senate hadn’t joined with the Democrats. Just a coincidence; not a conspiracy? Okay, if you say so, Jeff.

    1. The South will rise again? Too late for that. It’s true, of course, that the culture of the North — the culture of liberalism — was not properly anchored in ideals as the South’s was anchored. Yet the South was not perfect, either. Providence then sided with the bigger battalions and the unchivalrous strategy. There are deep moral/spiritual reasons, which our minds cannot grasp, for history turning out as it does. Everyone, it seems, gets their comeuppance — North and South. Modernity has turned out the way it has because of our materialism and rationalism. It is quite useless to lament the 14th Amendment or the whole Constitution. There are a thousand such moments in our history, each moment double-sided. There is no reason to enumerate these moments here, as if the “damned Yankees” are to blame. We have yet to reformulate our history and re-imagine that view of history which might redeem the twenty-second century after the chaos of the twenty-first. We are all in it, we are all disordered, we are all stuck in a dysfunctional culture with a collapsing social system. We are swimming in this stream called history. And there is nothing to gain by crying over the past because the South cannot rise again. Our survival depends on rallying whatever healthy elements remain. If this cannot happen, we die and China wins. It’s very simple. Opening old wounds about the South and Lincoln doesn’t help us now. It only makes matters worse. We must work with the materials at hand.

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