“[The] Solar Minimum is becoming very deep indeed. Over the weekend, the sun set a Space Age record for spotlessness. So far in 2019, the sun has been without sunspots for more than 270 days, including the last 33 days in a row. Since the Space Age began, no other year has had this many blank suns.

“Sunspots Set a Space Age Record”
17 December 2019

New Zealand solar physicist, Dr. John Maunder, in a 2012 essay titled “Reflections on a changing climate,” reported on a UN-sponsored climate conference held in Villach, Austria in October 1985. According to Maunder, one of the principal findings of the conference was that “greenhouse gases are likely to be the most important cause of climate change over the next century.”

Maunder is now embarrassed by this statement because he is one of many scientists who have come to strongly oppose so-called anthropogenic global warming theory. For the truly intelligent, non-ideological scientist, this theory has poisoned scientific discourse, replacing the spirit of free inquiry with career intimidation and outright bullying. If we want to be scientific, if we want to be honest, the world is not getting hotter. It is getting cooler. Watch the following video of a snowstorm that struck western China last June 29.

Snow in Western China

Yes. Seriously. And believe it or not, on July 26 it snowed in Beijing. Only for six minutes, of course, but seriously. But it snowed. Watch for yourself.

And what does Greta Thunberg say? She says people are “suffering and dying,” and ecosystems are collpasing as the planet is getting hotter and hotter. Therefore, we need socialist controls imposed on the world economy. So the child lectures adults, and shames them. “Change is coming,” she says, “whether you like it or not.” Let’s pause for a moment to listen to the “Karen” of climate change:

Aside from the sinister perversity of a child scolding adults on matters she cannot possibly understand herself, the so-called “science” of anthropogenic global warming is a scandal. It is only comprehensible in light of a larger set of philosophical scandals; first, the scandal of our post modern epistemological nihilism, the scandal of our metaphysical nihilism, and last but not least, the scandal of our moral nihilism — as exemplified by the cynical exploitation of a child.

The following video may be a little dated, but listen carefully to the evidence and arguments of Peter Temple, who is a student of cycle theory. Whatever criticisms we might make of such theories, they have more data and logic behind them than poor little Greta.

Heavenly bodies and subatomic particles move in circles, orbiting other bodies or spinning on an axis. Therefore, many phenomena hold to cyclical patterns. This ought to make perfect sense. The female menstrual cycle famously follows the lunar cycle. The seasons track with the Earth’s path around the Sun. Day and night derive from the “turning” of the Earth upon its axis. The idea that our world is going to get hotter and hotter, burning through a feedback loop, setting off irreversible chain reactions, is communist propaganda. It has been imposed on our scientific community by agents of influence who have grown in power, and whose ruthless bullying tactics have not been properly resisted — as they should have been.

Some years ago a researcher in Germany sent me an essay by Soviet academician Ivan Frolov, written in 1982. The essay refers to the greenhouse gas theory of anthropogenic global warming. It blames capitalism and is titled, “Global Problems and the Future of Mankind,” Frolov remarked that the “pollution of the environment, the destruction of ecosystems, the destruction of many species … have now reached threatening proportions.” These “dangerous disharmonies in man’s interactions with nature are associated with … the capitalist socioeconomic formation….” Therefore, these disharmonies require a “fundamental social transformation” if they are to be resolved.

Let’s make a connection, here. Fundamental social transformation is what Black Lives Matter is all about. Fundamental social transformation is what “climate change” is all about. Fundamental social change is also what communism is all about. Shouldn’t we assume a relationship between these three celebrated causes?

Greta Thunberg and former vice president, Al Gore, Jr. are basically on the same page as Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the Communist Party Soviet Union! It’s time for a revolution, comrades, because capitalism is “destroying the planet.” It’s time for a revolution, comrade, because “capitalism is racism.” Listen to Greta promote the Black Lives Matter Revolution, using the same language she uses to promote “climate change” alarmism:

The source of both narratives is the Communist Party Soviet Union. Both the BLM/social justice warriors and the “climate change” alarmists are ideological subversives in a long war against our civilization.

To blame capitalism for all our problems, especially when these problems are either fake or exaggerated, is incredibly self-serving. We can see, in Frolov’s essay, that everything is so designed. It follows the Cold War template, and is an aspect of communist strategy, as explained by KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, on page 95 of his notorious book, New Lies for Old:

….due regard should be paid to the fact that [KGB Chairman] Shelepin, in his May 1959 report and articles for KGB staff … called for the preparation of disinformation operations designed to confuse and disorient Western scientific … programs; to bring about changes in Western priorities; and to involve the West in costly, wasteful, and ineffective lines of research….”

I ought to remind readers that “disinformation” is a kind of information warfare in which poisonous ideas are spread through Western outlets — not Soviet or Russian outlets. These ideas must appear to originate in the West. Thus, Moscow and Beijing reap a twofold advantage. First, Western scientists and politicians are contaminated by false ideas; second, Russian and Chinese academics are not contaminated. They can quietly continue their work with the advantage of knowing their Western counterparts are barking madly up the wrong tree.

The anthropogenic greenhouse gas theory of runaway global warming was a Soviet original. But nobody in the mainstream media noticed. Here are the words of Soviet academician Frolov, in his 1982 essay:

As a result of the formation of a layer of carbon dioxide around the Earth which encloses it like a glass cover, the threat of unfavorable changes in climate has arisen that may transform our blue planet into an enormous greenhouse … with possible catastrophic effects.

Here is the inspiration of little Greta. In 1996 Frolov’s old Politburo colleague, Mikhail Gorbachev, acknowledged that the “threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.” As Frolov originally formulated the idea in 1982:

The effect of such an approach could be enormous if it could also be applied on a wider international scale in situations in which the interests of mankind at large are harmed by the activities of individual persons or organizations pursuing private interests.

Anthropogenic global warming theory is a weapon of war — a weapon of ideological subversion, demoralization and sabotage. The fact that this weapon remains deployed, as it continues to damage the economies of various Western countries, should not go unnoticed. We should not be so stupid as to imagine that the weapon’s inventors are no longer in the game.

Our defenses, as usual, are down. Society is not fighting back against its poisoners and saboteurs. We are intimidated by the bullying of the climate alarmists. We fear the label “racist,” just we fear the label of “climate change denier.” Many of our greatest scientists have been labeled as “deniers,” including Freeman Dyson, Zbigniew Jaworowski, Antonio Zichichi, Christopher Landsea, Hendrik Tennekes, Paul Reiter, David Bromwich, Edward Wegman and Henrik Svensmark — to name only a few.

Those heroes who would contradict the false claims of “fake science,” have sometimes been marginalized, defunded or threatened. The enemy’s “change agents” dominate a culture that is not defended against its enemies. Conceptual weapons are deployed against us on every front, on a continual basis — in terms of race relations, immigration policy, the Islamic threat, gay marriage, environmentalism, poverty, economics, education and crime. These weapons continue to be used, day after day, year after year. Our civilization is reeling under repeated propaganda hammer-blows.

Most people either concede the enemy propaganda, nonchalantly evading responsibility, or they agree to it on the lazy assumption that the loudest bullies of the day are right. Consequenlty, the worst people in the country, with the worst of motives, are pushing us to the edge of an abyss in every area of policy. Our civilization and our thinking has been eroded, year after year, decade after decade, by narratives designed to destroy us.

As Joseph Peiper noted in his book, Abuse of Language — Abuse of Power, “All men are nurtured, first and foremost, by the truth, not only those who search for knowledge….” Everyone, indeed, depends on the truth for their continued existence. Peiper further explained,

The natural habitat of truth is found in interpersonal communication. Truth lives in dialogue, in discussion, in conversation — it resides, therefore, in language, in the word. Consequently, the well-ordered human existence, including especially its social dimension, is essentially based on the well-ordered language employed.

If you think that our system of order has gone awry, you would be correct. It is the routine and dishonest use of words, first and foremost, that has allowed the enemies of civilization to impose their calamitous revolution on us. The anthropogenic global warming theory, as a distinct part of this revolution, was never really about the climate, any more than defunding the police is about systemic racism. The whole thing is about power. It is a pretext for seizing power.

Every issue taken up by the left today is a pretext for extending socialism, and socialism is nothing but a system for extending despotic power. The truth is, anthropogenic global warming theory was a politically inspired hoax that Soviet scientists have never believed in — and neither do Chinese scientists, though they are undoubtedly ordered by their communist masters to play along for the sake of appearances.

As an aside, we may not fully appreciate our enemy’s reasons for aggressively promoting the “climate change” hoax. In the 1970s scientists feared an ice age. What, after all, is more dangerous to man’s survival? A warmer climate means a longer growing season and larger harvests. A cooler climate means a serious constriction of the food supply. Now think about this from a grand strategic perspective. Wouldn’t advanced knowledge of global cooling be the most important information of all,? Consider the strategic value of denying the West advanced knowledge of a cooling-induced global famine! Thus you might delude your enemy to sell his grain stockpiles and neglect his own. Wouldn’t that preserve you from the effects of global cooling while his society disintegrates from hunger and mismanagement?

The importance of knowing and preparing for global cooling should not be understated; for such a preparation would necessitate a strict policy of with regard to food and water. Depending on where cold air masses form and at which latitudes, global cooling would signify flooding in some regions and drought in other regions. Historically, global cooling has coincided with decade-long droughts in China. Therefore the question should be asked: Is this why China has constructed 87,000 dams over the last seventy years? Have they been attempting to store water because they anticipate severe droughts, which have historically devastated their agriculture during grand solar minimums in the past? Consider this Indian report on China’s dams. Is it a case of water war for its own sake, or is it about water storage on a dry and overpopulated continent?

There are many factors to consider, and the picture is not entirely clear. But one thing is certain: The “climate change” narrative of the left has been artful misdirection from the start.

In the last 35 years there is no real evidence that humanity caused the warm period of the previous three solar cycles. The data, even on a simple graph, shows that we are headed toward something very different; that is to say, a cooling period. By common sense, nearly all our warmth comes from the Sun. We certainly do not get it from the moon, and we do not get it from the Earth itself, or from our SUVs. The Sun is the ultimate driver of climate; not man, not greenhouse gases. No! Carbon dioxide doesn’t drive climate. The Sun drives climate. The cause and effect relationship has here been misunderstood by those geniuses who believe what they are told by communist “change agents.” Consider real science, for a moment, if you can stand it. Consider what has been happening to the Sun’s electromagnetic field during the past four decades:

Sunspot activity is in decline, and so has the Sun’s electromagnetic field (which tracks with sunspots). To explain this chart: Approximately every eleven years the Sun’s electromagnetic field collapses, reverses and recharges. The above chart, therefore, portends a steady weakening of the Sun’s electromagnetic field.

With each successive collapse of the solar electromagnetic field, the field recharges at a weaker level. This is significant because the Sun’s electromagnetic field blocks cosmic rays which accelerate cloud formation. Clouds reflect heat from the sun back into space, cooling the planet. Presently we are at the dead bottom of the solar minimum, and all the evidence suggest the Sun’s electromagnetic field will not rebound to the previous high, leading to a decade of significantly colder temperatures; that is to say, we will have shorter growing seasons, erratic weather — including floods and droughts (like the flooding in China).

The Danish scientist, Henrik Svensmark, has demonstrated that cosmic rays, known as muons, or heavy subatomic particles from exploding stars, definitely accelerate rain-cloud formation over the oceans, cooling the earth while increasing global precipitation. At the low point of the 24-to-25 solar cycle, the weather will begin to turn oddly cold in places, and some regions will be flooded. Cold air masses will appear, the jet stream will change. Tropical air will be redirected. Arctic air will be pulled down to lower latitudes over continents. Freezing weather will occur at times and in places it should not. Crops will be ruined. Some regions will experience warming (due to the jet stream), while global temperatures will drop overall. (For example, some sources I have consulted say that during periods of global cooling, the western United States will experience warmer than average temperatures.)

If you think Svensmark is a clown, and you insist on believing the greenhouse gas theory, then you must also lump Chinese and Russian scientists in the clown department. These did not, of course, falsify their data to eliminate the medieval warming period of several centuries ago. They do not slavishly believe in a “scientific consensus” on “climate change.” They quietly go about their work.

From the South China Morning Post of 11 August 2019, Stephen Chen’s headline reads: “China scientists warn of global cooling trick up nature’s sleeve.” According to Wu Jing of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the effect of man-made greenhouse gases has probably been “exaggerated.” Indeed, China is not suffering from global warming, but from the effects of cooling, as the July snow in Beijing testifies. China is also suffering from major floods. The South China Morning Post blames “cold air” in the North Pacific, forcing moist tropical air into China. Thus, the flooding in China is caused by abnormal cold and not abnormal warmth.

Chinese scientists are worried that strident talk about “global warming” leaves the public with “misplaced confidence” that we can change the weather. The fact is, there’s not much we can do. The real threat to mankind may not be global warming, but global cooling, which Chen’s article says “might catch us totally unprepared — causing chaos, panic, famine and even wars….”

Now there’s a point to consider. Given China’s patient rise from backward status to superpower, why would they begin acting aggressively now? Looking at China’s vulnerability to weather, especially at China’s loss of crops to flooding and to the late spring freeze in the north, there appears a hint of desperation. Have the Chinese been expecting drought and famine? Are they preparing a war because of these expectations?

Is anyone in Washington asking the right questions here?


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Watch the weak 24th Solar Cycle unfold
South China Morning Post – Still clinging to “global warming” as explanation for China flooding

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  2. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, a while back, when I talked with John L. Casey in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, the opinion and feeling I got from him was that he was very disappointed with the Western Scientific Establishment, he was most definitely with NASA, the NOAA and most of all the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and it seems that John L. Casey was most disappointed when it came to his work and warnings on the Grand Solar Minimum being ignored by the Government, NASA, NOAA and etc

  3. In 1990 Iben Browning did an interview with a British businessman at the Video Production facility I was working at during that time.
    When the interview got on to the topic of global warming, Mr. Browning laughed and said global warming is not a scientific problem, it is a political problem. Mr. Browning co-authored a book titled “Climate and the Affairs of Men” which covered in more detail what the global cooling video above covered, and later he co-authored a book with his daughter, Evelyn Garriss, titled, “Past and Future History”. Both are very good books to read. Earlier copies of Climate and the Affairs of Men is recommended, as after Mr. Browning pasted away in 1991, the co-author took control of the book and has made changes, so get an earlier edition.

  4. Worthwhile reference for your consideration:

    Zharkova, Valentina & Shepherd, S.J. & Popova, E. & Zharkov, S.. (2015). Heartbeat of the Sun from Principal Component Analysis and prediction of solar activity on a millenium timescale. Scientific Reports. 5. 10.1038/srep15689.


    We derive two principal components (PCs) of temporal magnetic field variations over the solar cycles 21-24 from full disk magnetograms covering about 39% of data variance, with λ=-0.67. These PCs are attributed to two main magnetic waves travelling from the opposite hemispheres with close frequencies and increasing phase shift. Using symbolic regeression analysis we also derive mathematical formulae for these waves and calculate their summary curve which we show is linked to solar activity index. Extrapolation of the PCs backward for 800 years reveals the two 350-year grand cycles superimposed on 22 year-cycles with the features showing a remarkable resemblance to sunspot activity reported in the past including the Maunder and Dalton minimum. The summary curve calculated for the next millennium predicts further three grand cycles with the closest grand minimum occurring in the forthcoming cycles 26-27 with the two magnetic field waves separating into the opposite hemispheres leading to strongly reduced solar activity. These grand cycle variations are probed by α-ω dynamo model with meridional circulation. Dynamo waves are found generated with close frequencies whose interaction leads to beating effects responsible for the grand cycles (350-400 years) superimposed on a standard 22 year cycle. This approach opens a new era in investigation and confident prediction of solar activity on a millenium timescale.

    Zharkova’s page at University of Northumbria:


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