Last week a reader urged me to raise money for the site. I’m embarrassed by the idea of asking people for money, even though I’d like to be compensated for my work. All the many shameless appeals for money out there leave me dubious about asking myself. The more I know about organizations with their hands out, the less inclined I am to give money.

Being occasionally impulsive, I set up a GoFundMe account this morning and immediately regretted it. My doubts were fueled by what I read about them on the Consumer Affairs website:

So I must ask people NOT to donate to my GoFundMe, as I begin to feel wrong about it. While writing these words I checked to find that I have been locked out of the GoFundMe account and cannot get back in. My Password change attempt gives an error message. I fear the worst.

Please do not contribute to my GoFundMe. There are three contributions as of this writing. It seems someone retweeted my original funding tweet (which I deleted within minutes). Please help by take these retweets down ASAP. I am terrible sorry for the inconvenience.

Perhaps, if readers are willing to subscribe to an online newsletter, I will use that format to get funding. WordPress has a good reputation and I’m tempted to go that route.

Readers are invited to write to me at with their thoughts on funding the site.

I believe that the Internet itself may be compromised at some point in the future. I would like to make a hard-copy edition of recent writings for that reason.

Wish me luck in attempting to get back control of my GoFundMe account; but again, please don’t contribute. I fear it was a mistake on my part and if people want to help me out, they can contribute directly to the PayPal account associated with my email at

Thank you for reading this site.

15 thoughts on “Please do not give to my GoFundMe!

  1. Hey JR:
    “I believe that the Internet itself may be compromised at some point in the future. I would like to make a hard-copy edition of recent writings for that reason.”

    WordPress just took down Western Rifle Shooters Association, so not sure how trustworthy they are… please research that further. That site is back up online at Also VDARE is having to locate a new domain registrar because Network Solutions has elected to discontinue hosting that site. VISA just blacklisted GAB so they cannot receive payments except via bitcoin or money order. The censorship is increasing almost exponentially.

    Sell your books on your site here to increase your income. You can create an online store (so you don’t have to use Amazon if you don’t want to support communism) through selz or one of many other options… many will even help you publish ebooks that can be read in kindle… the possibilities are almost unlimited.

    Regarding the internet being compromised, I would suggest you create a backup site (mirror this site) on the dark web via a .onion server, which is much more difficult to take down and must be accessed by the TOR browser. You can either run your own server (best chance for never being taken down, but the most work to set up) or a .onion host (pretty cheap).

    You might also consider including a couple of additional avenues to log in to post, in case W, T or F continue or increase their draconian censorship… I have not vetted this service but is a reasonable alternative, and free if less than 40,000 page views per month. Only $5 per month for up to 100,000 page views…

    Just some ideas…

    1. Jeff, Most people don’t realize Tor was created via the US State Department. It runs right through their servers! I would stay clear of Tor. I’ll get the name of the individual who is one of the founders of Tor who clearly stated such. The commentator during the interview said sarcastically with a chuckle: “Oh, I’m sure everyone is now going to run out and sign up!” Forget Tor!

      1. I was seriously thinking of using Tor so I took notice to the discussion. Again, the person is one of the founders of Tor. It was during the uprising in Egypt and North Africa. Tor was being used by the US State Department to monitor the situation while having a subversive strong hand via the uprisings through many non profit organizations funded by the US government.

      2. @ndphaedo So, specifically I suggested setting up a backup site on an .onion server, either a home server or a paid one. TOR is required to view .onion sites. I was not making a comment about the safety or trustworthiness of TOR itself, as your points above are absolutely valid regarding the origin and that some of the nodes run through U.S. State Department servers.

        TOR has gotten a bad reputation for this reason, not to mention the “dark web” that has so much illicit material. There’s a pretty good article about this, and the comments are also worth reading at One comment indicates that TOR is a tool. So is a car. I drive a car. Just because drug dealers drive cars does not make me a drug dealer, any more than I would use TOR to do something illegal or illicit.

        Having said this, I would NEVER log onto the TOR browser except behind a VPN. NORDVPN is a very good candidate as they are not located in a 5 eyes country (they’re in Panama) and make no logs on traffic. Plus you can set the level of encryption, double encrypt, etc. This would improve your chances of staying anonymous… it also protects you from hackers stealing your information.

        Therefore, what I would do is set up a home server on Linux though a Virtual Machine, run the host through the VPN, then enable the VPN on the Virtual Machine as well. From there run your server from within the Virtual machine using nginx, obtain a .onion domain though TOR, and have a backup of your website mirrored there, and be sure everyone knows how to access the .onion site. VDARE has done this, and so are many others. It sounds simple, and it actually is, just time consuming to set up. It will be much slower than a hosted website, but a site like this, without a boatload of gratuitous graphics will still load very quickly.

        Is it perfect? No, but if you are hosting your own site, you are not necessarily trying to remain anonymous, you’re just trying to stay online when TSHTF. The other benefit is that no one can take away (well, theoretically) or terminate your domain or hosting once you have established it. This could be a real benefit once it becomes a crime in this country to read and write unapproved content.

        There are not many alternatives to the current internet, and censorship will only continue and increase. There is the .onion option like I mentioned (which is the most accessible), there is also a project out there called BeakerBrowser, which is more or less a p2p web, which I am actually very interested in as well.

        I think the only way to save free speech in this country is to decentralize the internet so that thousands or millions of computers all have bits and pieces of the web on their computers, so that if any go down (or are taken down) there are still multiple redundant copies of the data. Here’s a great and understandable article about the peer-to-peer web, also known as web 3.0:

  2. So far, in my experience, PayPal has seemed to be the most reliable way of donating funds, although who knows how long that will last.

    Whether you are a Christian, a Patriot, or both, I think we all know intuitively that at some point things will quickly change, almost overnight, and our usual methods of communicating with and helping each other will be roadblocked.

    “Work while it is yet day, for the night cometh, when no man can work.”

    At that time, only the Spirit of the living God will be our help.

    1. Paypal has been problematic since its inception. Don’t trust it and have only used when absolutely not other means to purchase something.

  3. Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

    You may want to look into this venue toward preserving your articles. At some point uploading your books when ready to offer without charge. It seems to be very non=political working toward preservation (Alexandrian Library) vs censoring. It is a great resource finding out of print books uploaded via pdf files, plus videos. You can upload your youtube interviews, etc. Pierre Grimes, Noetic Society = take a look as an example of this platform.

  4. From the consumer affair website:
    “Their business model is nothing more than a scam to wear people out because they don’t have the time to follow GoFundMe’s copious rules so that GoFundMe can either avoid paying them their funds altogether, or so they can earn interest off others’ money by holding it way beyond a reasonable timeframe.”

    Damn, sounds like my bank, Wells Fargo.

  5. With regard to your exhilarating permission to me to get published in book form my German translations of your articles (by now, heading a hundred), let me first thank you very, very much! It’ a great honour (and a considerable responsibility, too). Will have to improve my “time management”, but I will ASAP delve into the technicalities of Amazon’s CreateSpace self publishing service (should that turn out as the way to go) to get this done. It’s a bit of a challenge, but I’m cofident I can do it.


    1. You have done so much. You are very gifted artistically. You must have the freedom to be artistically in control. These writings are the most important I’ve done. Good luck.

  6. Jeff, not sure if this is relevant to the post but also can I have your opinion. Around last year when I got in contact with you that the Hong Kong Protest would be orchestrated and that the Chinese Communist Party’s Secret Police and Intelligence Agency known as the Ministry of State Security Agents would be in Hong Kong carrying out violence on shops including Starbucks, McDonald’s and etc and also carrying out liquidation/murders on Anti Communists in Hong Kong. Well during the weekend, the New York Times and the Guardian finally admitted Hong Kong was going through a forced ‘reunification’ which I think I mentioned that the Hong Kong Protest would be used by the Chinese Communist Party leadership who happen to be the instigators of the Hong Kong Protest to have Hong Kong go through an early reunification.

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