The Chinese and Russian grand strategy of today evolved from the ideas of Soviet Marshal V.D. Sokolovskiy and KGB General N. Mironov in the late 1950s (working under a special committee led by L. Brezhnev). Conceived as a long range strategy that would carry into the twenty-first century, its military focus was centered on the decisive weapon of the next war: — strategic nuclear missiles. These could be safely employed only after a prolonged period of low intensity asymmetrical warfare aimed at disrupting the United States.

However we wish to interpret events of the last sixty years, a survey of Chinese and Russian defector testimony, together with known strategic writings, points to a carefully orchestrated “combination play” (envisioned by the Russian and Chinese strategists before the Sino-Soviet split in 1960, and re-envisioned in 1991-2 when they began their realignment).

The writings of J. Sejna, A. Golitsyn, S. Lunev and V. Suvorov suggest that this “combination play” would take the form of a strategic “sequence” which aims at the collapse the U.S. economy. This collapse would then be exploited politically. In the final phase, the resulting unstable political situation would open the U.S. to a surprise military attack.

The strategic sequence would also include civil unrest in the cities, an intensification of ideological differences, and growing popular dissatisfaction with the government. Two diversionary operations would run parallel to each other in this sequence; first, WMD gray terror attacks and a diversionary U.S. civil war scenario. The civil war scenario would be extremely useful for setting up a surprise attack on U.S. command and control, ICBM and bomber bases. (For example, enemy special forces troops could attack missile bases wearing U.S. military uniforms.)

The following five points suggest that the Sino-Russian “sequence” is now underway:

1) The Hong Kong protests, in which thousands of anti-CCP activists have been arrested or killed, appears to have been a planned provocation of the PRC Ministry of State Security in advance of the COVID-19 pandemic. The timing is highly suspicious.

2) The COVID-19 pandemic provides ideal cover for a mass military mobilization of the People’s Liberation Army. In fact, Chinese officials openly talk about “preparing for war.”

3) In this context we should ask whether the collapse of oil prices was part of a larger unseen collaboration — which has hurt the U.S. energy sector disproportionately, even as it has helped China acquire a massive supply of cheap oil in advance of a war.

4) Aside from a ballooning debt, there is the problem of shrinking U.S. tax revenues. How will the U.S. military maintain its military machine in the midst of an unprecedented cash crunch? How will the U.S. rebuild its nuclear deterrent, now nearing the end of its shelf life, when there is no money?

5) The riots and attending incendiary attacks on U.S. cities may be part of the enemy’s civil war scenario. If the domestic situation worsens, and the country divides into hostile camps, expect nuclear strikes against U.S. strategic assets.

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  1. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, just wanting to let you know, I have been informed by a person who lives in Hong Kong who post on Twitter that the Hong Kong Democracy Movement has begun to fracture and also on the weekend after people found out that Martin Lee, own, many people were critical of Apple Media owner Jimmy Lai and Martin Lee and Joshua Wong when they were interviewed by a Taiwanese Newspaper pleading to President Trump not to cancel the special treatment between Hong Kong and the US in the US-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 and they were also pleading to President Trump not to sanction Chinese Communist Party Officials and hence the people who supported the Hong Kong Democracy Movement are leaving it because they are starting to see that Martin Lee, owner of Apple Media Jimmy Lai and Joshua Wong are working for the Chinese Communist Party

  2. Jeff, one historical event stands out as an example of what can happen to a nation when warring internal factions occur in a country that has lost control of its sovereignity. In AD70 Israel was destroyed by the Roman legions. Now those who know its history, they rejected their Messiah Jesus sent from God and then spent huge efforts at attempting to also eradicate and then persecute the fledgling set of believers and their doctrines. This hatred expressed within the Jewish nation also created multiple warring factions among Israel’s ruling elite and its patriot community within its own major cities where a kind of civil wars actually broke out killing many. The civil unrest became so terrible that Rome decided to crush the nation entirely. The Jewish Christians knew the signs to watch for because Jesus had warned them 37 years before it occurred and so they all escaped the butchery that occured in Jerusalem done by the Legions. I am wondering if Christians who are living in the USA today will be listening to God over what may be coming? I would encourage any of you who are Christians to bookmark the example of one Christian family who was lead forth and saved from the hands of the Bolsheviks—the story of Boris Sorokovsky is very interesting faith story and is here as a pdf download:

    1. There is a plan for this. Jesus, knowing all things in the future, gave us Luke 21:36. An escape for us to Heaven with Him. We call it the Rapture. Found in many places, also in Luke 17.

  3. “… attack U.S. command and control, ICBM and bomber bases.”

    Jeff, but what about our Ohio’s? Are they still technically viable to execute their (TEOTWAWKI) mission in a real war?

    Are you assuming that if the command&control is taken out then they will never get the orders/codes to launch?


    Sean McIntire

    1. The boomers can only launch nuclear missiles if they receive the launch codes. Any preemptive attack would focus on taking out the communication systems first, to prevent transmission of launch codes. This might be done with troops on the ground.

    2. What BOBS had “undone” in regards to our submarine nuclear ability to respond to attacks on the US and it’s allies, was restored by Trump very quickly in 2017 after he took office. Not much media attention on it, although for the most part, our submarine ability to attack was restored. The same is true for our B-52s/B-2s and ICBMs. Their ability to strike was restored shortly after Trump took office.
      That does not mean that China/Russia would not still try to pull something off if they had the advantage/opportunity to do so.
      Under the current situation they may be starting the Pavlov’s dog routine, hoping to see more take place which could possibly give them the incentive to strike.
      Not an easy call to make on what may happen or not happen, as the situation is too unpredictable at the moment.
      If the situation continues to deteriorate across the country, then yes, almost anything is possible to have happen. I am not sure that will happen. Trump is very proactive and he may have already taken measures to be sure that we are prepared. Trump may have also let Putin and Xi know to stay home and behave themselves.
      Perhaps, I am giving Trump too much credit, but I do think he is much more aware of what has taken place over the past 30 years in our relations with Russia and China, and while trying to turn things around as he can, may very well have told our enemies to stand down, as we can still inflict enormous damage upon them.

      1. What is not well understood is the enormous size of the enemy ABM forces. Please consult the work of Bill Lee. S500, S400 and S300 systems, armed with X-ray and neutron radiation warheads.

      2. The S-300 is an old 70s era, but good AA missile system, but that means it can shoot down fighters and bombers, not ICBMs or Trident or sub launched cruise missiles.
        The S-400 is a 1990s technology AA missile with same or somewhat better capabilities of the S-300.
        The S-500 has not yet been deployed and is considered to be similar to the THAAD missile system we already have in place.

  4. “With respect to deliberate, authorized U.S. strategic attacks, the system has always been designed to be triggered by a far wider range of events than the public has ever imagined. Moreover, the hand authorized to pull the trigger on U.S. nuclear forces has never been exclusively that of the president, nor even his highest military officials. (See chapters 3 and 7.) As I discovered in my command and control research in the late fifties, President Eisenhower had secretly delegated authority to initiate nuclear attacks to his theater commanders under various circumstances, including the outage of communications with Washington (a daily occurrence in the Pacific) or a presidential incapacitation (which Eisenhower suffered twice). And with his authorization, they had in turn delegated this initiative, under comparable crisis conditions, to subordinate commanders.”

    Ellsberg, Daniel (2017-12-04T22:58:59). The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner . Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

  5. Thanks Jeff for your insight and reasoning. The defectors testimony is vital since they are in agreement to the long range strategy. Suvorov’s explanation of the Grey-Pink-Red terror phases are clear. There was a video on twitter at the DC chaos of a man throwing molotov cocktails who was recorded speaking Mandarin. The Chinese and Russians are definitely involved in this insurrection. If not controlled soon, we may expect the President to declare Martial law. That would undercut the chaos needed for their Final Phase movements. My question is if you think the potential of a declaration of a national Martial Law affects their timing.

  6. Hi Jeff. Yes, a window of opportunity may be opening for a Chinese Russian attack on the US. Not sure how they will proceed. I would assume a space based EMP, followed by small nucs on conventional precision capabilities. I have long thought Taiwan would be used as a faint, or deception to lure US assets into something that China doesn’t put much emphasis on. The target will be the US. Depending on who is in control at the upper levels will determine how important Command and Control lines are. Many times you want CC lines to be open. This will be interesting. Any attack like this would most likely occur in late fall early winter(Thanksgiving?) to take advantage of winter fatalities due to exposure, starvation, lack of sanitation etc. This would be followed by a land invasion in the mid spring time frame. Our large cities will suffer horribly. Rural areas will do relatively well.

  7. Nehemiah 4:13-14 (KJV)

    13 Therefore set I in the lower places behind the wall, and on the higher places, I even set the people after their families with their swords, their spears, and their bows.

    14 And I looked, and rose up, and said unto the nobles, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, Be not ye afraid of them: remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses.

  8. I think it’s plain that the communist-controlled media does indeed want hysteria and civil war. CNN is currently comparing the riots to the Boston Tea Party (though NBC is currently arguing that white supremacists are behind all the violence), with more than one Host (Don Lemon) for example ranting and raving about how bad the United States is and how necessary these events are for “change.” They’re also running headlines right now that Trump tear gassed “peaceful protestors for a photo op.” That’s a banner headline, not an opinion from a commentator. The Democrats are also calling Trump a dictator today over threatening to use the military to stop violent riots. Jim Acosta shouted out to Trump, “Is this still a democracy?”

    Quite plainly, the media is out for maximum hysteria and fear mongering. But will this lead to a civil war?

    I don’t think so:

    (1) The majority of rioters are pure opportunists. They have no political ambitions other than to destroy their immediate neighborhood and rob. Interviews or camera footage of looters reveals them to be ignorant, destructive, and totally clueless. These people need to be coordinated by outside forces to have any sort of staying power (which I will give examples of shortly).

    (2) That coordination appears to be coming from Communist groups across the United States, apparently well prepared to initiate destructive riots. On twitter and social media in general, they plot openly and even have various “jobs” for different rioters: scouts, medics, “comms,” people posing as peaceful protesters, and people tossing molotovs or using melee weapons. There is even a university professor giving tips on how to topple monuments in Washington DC.

    These coordinators are reportedly being bussed in from other states or cities in order to wreak havoc in Minneapolis, Philly, Chicago, and other places. But therein lies the rub: they have to be bussed in! In some cities they are already present in large numbers (Portland), but they are not omnipresent. Their presence is absolutely necessary for sustained, large scale rioting.

    Case in point, in Houston over the past few days, they have tried and failed to initiate large scale rioting. Some businesses over near my beloved Galleria (I do so love to walk in that beautiful mall) were trashed, a cop car got destroyed, but the protests were brief and short lived. There was no evidence whatsoever of the presence of communists on the ground performing their scouting and other duties. Without them, the rioters are disorganized, and fall limp the moment there is resistance, as they did during the Trayvon Martin riots: resistance ends everything immediately, and Rat governors and mayors being permissive encourages the activity. In the first place, the rioters are apolitical criminals. They hate cops and the United States, but if not directed, simply go back to murdering each other and robbing each other. (This might change tonight now that the rain has stopped in Houston, as maybe any Commies in the area will feel there will be a better turnout, but I have seen reports from other cities where ANTIFA changed protest-locations to nearby cities due to a lack of interest even in black cities. I suspect they simply did not have the networking and numbers to pull it off.)

    In Chicago, these same types killed 19 or so people over the weekend, and injured 30 others, including gunning down a woman carrying her baby. This is a normal weekend for them, and they are too ignorant and disorganized to ever form any sort of civil war army. They cannot even riot very effectively unless they are being coordinated, and that coordination, as I have said, is finite.

    (3) Riots turn the country right wing. This is seen in polling, as from the Trayvon Martin riots, and also anecdotally, with people reporting that leftist friends and family are now coming around to gun ownership and are appalled at Democrats.

    This means the civil war army of the left will be made up exclusively of a microminority of criminal revolutionaries and leftwing fanatics on social media too weak to join in the actual combat.

    My conclusion is that once Trump takes military action, things will be hysterical, the left will scream and cry, but Trump’s approval ratings will go up and his support will increase by a large amount.

    There may be assassination attempts. There may be continued rioting in places like Portland. There may be instability and bombings. But there will be no civil war, if we define civil war as something other than the military crushing violent riots quickly and effectively.

  9. Antifa started acting violently in Brazil last Sunday. The local left, supported by the Chinese, is desperately trying to overthrow Bolsonaro. Brazil has become a highly strategic country. We are a huge soy producer. China needs our grain. The US should pay attention to what is happening down here. Without Brazilian soy, I don´t think China can actually go to war.

  10. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I can confirm that it seems another Chinese Diaspora from Hong Kong is about to happen. The top 3 destinations are the following for the new Chinese Diaspora from Hong Kong:

    1. United States
    2. Canada
    3. England

    1. I wonder what made the Russians think of launching nuclear missiles when “government enemies damage the nation’s critical and military facilities to the degree that the ability to retaliate with nuclear weapons is disrupted.” — Like rioters taking down the grid and communications?

    2. Putin knows Trump is on to him. Putin is holding a pair of deuces and is trying to bluff Trump, and that will not work.

  11. From Martin Armstrong:

    Emmy-winning correspondent @adamhousley: ANTIFA has been claimed to have been hijacked by Chinese Cyber Ops and Russia & Iran (see NY Magazine).

    To identify criminal organizers and instigators, and to coordinate federal resources with state and local partners, federal law enforcement is using an existing network of 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF). The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly. (See Barr’s statement)

    The rumor is that the FBI has already infiltrated Antifa and has been monitoring their communications. The Epoch Times’ @Annakhait insisted that Antifa is a group of HIGHLY organized, dangerous white radical communists. He claimed that a friend went undercover for a year in Portland (has it on video) and discovered they were extremely racist. They are really interested in starting a revolution to overthrow the United States and create a communist government.

    Antifa and related groups’ violent acts have been ignored up to now. They have been perceived to be anti-Trump which has given them a pass so far. This Antifa’s insurgency is clearly an extreme anarchist-communist movement which has been employing rioting to effect political change. Footage recorded in Minneapolis and other cities show militants dressed in black bloc which is the Antifa uniform. They have been wielding weapons like hammers or sticks to smash windows to encourage looting. They are fueling the civil unrest and are painting graffiti “FTP” which means “F-ck the Police”; ACAB stands for “All Cops Are Bastards”; and 1312 which is the numerical code for ACAB.

    All the parts of rioting serve a purpose. Looting and fires destroy local economies. Riots can overwhelm the police and even the military. All of this leads to a destabilized state which has been the Antifa’s end goal. Most interesting is that demonstrations have now spread to Europe in the wake of George Floyd’s death. This is part of what is appearing to be an Antifa international organized plot.

    1. Are you sleeping?
      Are you sleeping?
      When the Revolution comes
      We’ll kill you all with knives and guns
      [Communist song, using the tune from Frere Jacques]

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