Nuclear war … should not be thought of as a gigantic technical enterprise alone — as a launching of an enormous number of missiles with nuclear warheads…. Nuclear war is a … many-sided process, which … will involve economic, diplomatic and ideological forms of struggle. They will all serve the political aims of the war….

on War and Army, p. 12

The generals in Moscow and Beijing were educated under war-fighting principles antithetical to ours. Marxism-Leninism borrowed its military theory from Clausewitz; especially believing that “war is simply the continuation of politics by other means.” (Ibid, p.2) Though Americans will refuse to believe this, Russia’s strategists have long held that nuclear war is no exception to Clausewitz’s rule.

In The Philosophical Heritage of V.I. Lenin and Problems of Contemporary War, edited by Gen. Maj. A.S. Milovidov, we read on page 37 that American strategists are mistaken in their beliefs about nuclear war. The “overwhelming majority” of those who discount nuclear war as a continuation of policy are making a purely “subjective judgment.” This judgment, says Milovidov’s text, “expresses mere protest against nuclear war.”

Moscow’s generals, and Beijing’s generals, have long understood that nuclear weapons are asymmetric. Totalitarian society is adaptable to conditions of nuclear war. Bourgeois society is not. To the American mind, nuclear war makes no sense. Therefore, Americans do not take Russian strategists seriously when they write, “preparation and waging … [of nuclear war] must be regarded as the main task of the theory of military strategy and strategic leadership.” (See the Harriet Fast Scott trans. of Soviet Military Strategy, p. 195.) Denying that Russian and Chinese strategists are serious, American strategists think in terms of deterrence. Once deterrence fails, America has no strategy. Being uniquely vulnerable, our thinking devolves into denial; that is, the denial of nuclear war, the denial that the enemy means what he says, and that adjustments must be made.

Naturally, the Russian and Chinese strategists agree it would be best to avoid a nuclear war. But the avoidance of war, for the communist bloc, has a completely different meaning than it does for the free world. For the communist, the only alternative to nuclear war is political and social convergence on communist terms. Such may be disguised under the auspices of “sustainable development,” by way of “climate change” treaties, or through trade. There is also the possibility of convergence by way of pandemic — through “global health governance” and the “managed” depopulation of entire regions (i.e., the United States). The present Chinese communist pandemic may be exactly such a device — to accelerate “convergence.” It may also be a nuclear war precursor, deployed to divert and disrupt target societies in advance of the mass use of nuclear rockets. Of course, a pandemic may serve both functions. If the free world does not embrace China’s plan for global health governance, Moscow and Beijing lose nothing. In that event, the turn to war could be seamless, the maskirovka undetected.

Given the central role the Chinese have given to biological attack (as described by Defense Minister Chi Haotian), the communist bloc would have long ago targeted, for infiltration and subversion, the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. America’s engagement with China would provide an even more powerful opening for attack; namely, the American pharmaceutical industry — current bedfellows of China’s military-industrial-medical complex, providing medical ingredients and vaccine-related “precursor” elements (opening a path for binary biological/chemical attack, combining medicines and/or vaccines with a viral weapon, enhancing the lethality of each vector by combination.)

If the West should balk convergence, drawing back from mandatory vaccinations and medical martial law, full-on nuclear war may follow. Sabotage, in this context, is not an imaginary activity of the Chinese and Russian special services. It is one of their specialities, designed for the “preparatory period” in advance of nuclear strikes. The presence of Russian and Chinese agents in our government pose a special danger during this period. The enemy’s operations in Washington, evident in the recent impeachment fracas, are as yet unchecked. In all probability, their attack on the country’s institutions will intensify. Perhaps the most devastating sign of impending attack will be news that hundreds of officials, generals and legislators are in the pay of the enemy. According to GRU defector Vladimir Rezun, the Russian special services will betray all their high-level agents on the eve of the war — to sow a maximum of distrust and confusion. They will also prepare false allegations against innocent persons — a prewar tactic underway since 2016.

What inclines to the suspicion we are now in the “preparatory period,” is the disappearance of various communist leaders. Vladimir Putin fired his government in January, immediately before the pandemic hit China. Yet the fired Russian prime minister, Dmitri Medvedev, retained his position on the Russian security council. The Russian cabinet vanished (with sparkly nobodies in their place). And now Putin has disappeared as well.

The communist leaders of Nicaragua and Venezuela have also vanished from view. If this is not a strange coincidence, consider the case of Kim Jong-un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — missing for more than two weeks. Meanwhile, intelligence sources in Asia report that top Chinese leaders are bunkered somewhere in northwest China.

I quote from an Asian source as follows: In Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, “our intelligence organs can confirm: … key leaders … [party and military] have been hiding alternately.” The Asian source adds that China and Russia are studying the West’s reaction to the virus, preparing for “their next moves in more aggressive coordination towards the final phase of thunderous war….” The timing, says the source, will be sudden.

According to Marshal of the Soviet Union K. Moskalenko, writing in Voyennaya mysl’ (January 1969), “The employment of qualitatively new weapons … will create conditions in a future war for the achievement of results in its beginning period which cannot compare with the results of … the past war. The first nuclear strike can immediately lead to the disorganization of the government, military control, and the whole rear area of a country and to stopping the systematic deployment of the armed forces and all measures being conducted for mobilization. All of this will have a telling effect….”

The present situation is not one of peace. When countries of the East Bloc maintain strict secrecy, prohibiting investigations and inquiries, hiding their leaders in remote locations, we ought to set all naive assumptions aside. We have been under intensive ideological attack for many years. Advanced methods of psychological warfare have been deployed against our institutions. Our media has been subverted and used against us. But we elected Donald Trump anyway, and Trump defied the mechanisms of convergence. He balked the communist plan.

So here we are.

127 thoughts on “The Preparatory Period

    1. The USAF knows it is dangerous to keep the bombers forward. Pulling them back was a smart move. We have also dispersed the strategic command due to “storms.”

      1. We also still have B-52s (and other assets) at Diego Garcia, which acts as a very strategic element considering it is in the middle of absolute nowhere.

    2. The air force just sent 4 B1 bombers to Guam today to replace the sitting duck b52’s. Was reported on fox. Trump is getting ready for the fight. Hope they break out the space force and laser weapons on the ciacom bastards. USA 🇺🇸

  1. The news should be full with all these alarming signs, but aren’t. The press no longer “connects the dots”. Nobody will expect the “unimaginable” when it happens. Whole populations might well go insane in an instance. Absurdly, people are solely focussed on restoring their beloved “shopping mall regime”, not realising that war has already begun.

    1. The military leaders in various countries are awake and scrambling. But is it too late? The fog of war prevents us from seeing the picture clearly.

      1. But isn’t this virus spreading in the Chinese and Russian militaries as well as the USA? Isn’t this pandemic in their nations and militaries causing them to put their plans on hold?

      2. We know very little about the real effects of the virus in China, or how militarized economies, which are ready to accept human losses, may pull through. We do know that energy consumption has slightly fallen off in China — unlike here and in Europe.

      3. What is the significance of energy consumption slightly falling off in China?

  2. O Brasil passa pelo mesmo exato processo de desestabilização e tentativa de derrubada do Presidente, sendo que o Jair Bolsonaro não dispõe de um grande suporte partidário e midiático conservador, está mais para aquele pobre cavaleiro louco em seu cavalo rocinante, apoiado pelo Povo Sancho Pança brasileiro

    1. Google translate is still our friend (I think).

      “Brazil is going through the exact same process of destabilization and attempting to overthrow the President, and Jair Bolsonaro does not have a large conservative party and media support, he is more for that poor crazy knight on his rocking horse, supported by the Brazilian Sancho Pança People”

      Not looking too good down there.

    2. Obrigada, Werner Coelho, por dizer que os Brasileiros tem o problema a deuda os comunistas e das pessoas que nao tem amor da libertad. Faca favor, reza a Nosso Senhor Jesucristo a trazer verdade a Brasil! Jair Bolsonaro quere que os globalistas ainda nao fica no Brasil, pero muitas pessoas creem em esclavitud do globalismo.

      1. Bolsonaro is not a globalist. He is Christian and conservative. Every good Brazilian knows this.

  3. Jeff, qual sua visão para a situação dentro do Brasil em um período de guerra, o país seria um alvo de bombardeamento? Como, nós cidadãos, podemos nos preparar para o pré e o pós guerra? Comprar dólar em especie, ouro, armas/munições, sair das grandes cidades, estocar comida? Muito obrigado. Fique com Deus

    1. Se os Estados Unidos forem derrotados, os comunistas tentarão ditar termos para as outras nações. O povo do Brasil – o povo de todas as nações – deve resistir aos comunistas por todos os meios. A vida no sistema mundial não valeria a pena ser vivida.

  4. In WWII, in the battle for the Ardenne, the Germans would launch a lethal artillery air-burst barrage and when it was over, our troops would come out of the fox holes to deal with their wounded only to be targeted in the same location by another deadly round of shells. I am sure this contributed to many cases of “shell shock” and disorientation. America must fight off this “staggering boxer” disorientation and wake up. Thank you Jeff for this informative set of insights. Many Christians around the nation have heard the call of God to prayer for the nation, and are doing so…lets keep praying–the outcome is not settled yet.

  5. Why has the Lord let his pastors ignorant of such truth? Truthful men, honorable men ready to die for the gospel. Even Brother Yun, the Chinese living martyr and apostle, a great leader in China’s underground church. Doesn’t he know that his country dreams of taking over the world pretty soon? What about the Chinese underground church, with 150 million Christians, why aren’t they warning us? Oh,God. I’ m not saying you’re wrong, Jeff, on the contrary, it all sounds very, very true.

      1. Brother Yun has been living in Scandinavia for about 10 years. Have you heard of this man and the Back to Jerusalem mission? Eugene Bach is an American correspondent and missionary in this movement. He has inside information from Chinese and North Korean missionaries. Have you heard of him?

      2. Because God can reveal it to them like He has always done. Psalm 2 is a good example.

    1. Netto, I believe God has a prophetic witness at all times for his people. He is the same always. Nothing takes Him by surprise. For the events of 911, some Christians were warning of the disasterous events before it happened. For the West and America, we have had many many Christian voices that have spoken out in the past about the destructive goals of Communism and most have been ignored—and in todays world there are others including Jeff sounding the alarm. If and when this occurs it, I am convinced He will reveal it to some Chinese Christians before it occurs. The outcome of history is not yet settled. Prayer can thwart history. For we know that God loves to turn the tables on the proud and arrogant.

  6. “most devastating sign of impending attack will be news that hundreds of officials, generals and legislators are in the pay of the enemy”

    Jeff, with the ongoing document releases which verifies the perfidy of our justice and intelligence services it appears we are on the cusp of this moment.

    Not a good sign.

  7. Depending on when and what the Barr, Horowitz, and Durham investigations provide, we may find out who has been working with and for the Chinese and Russians well ahead of any of their planned attacks.

    1. Unfortunately, the Justice Department remains with its key Obama-era staff and cannot be relied on to uncover the truth. Changes might happen next year, but do we have time to spare? I do not know.

  8. Jeff,could you please,please,please come back to UpdateBrazil?Mr Baresic is a lousy interviewer and he just doesn’t cut it.Here in Holland we’re told that Bolsenaro is on the way down.I wonder…

      1. It would be good to see you and Alan Dos Santos on the show again, but as you said, it is not up to you. I do hope Alan is doing well.

  9. Jeff, given the preparations you describe, do you think an attack is relatively imminent?

  10. Our Lady warned us in Fatima about what is happening now 103 years ago.

    1. Sorry, Alex, but the truth of the thing that appeared in Fatima was/is a demon. Not Biblical. Mary of the Bible was a human being, and she died nearly 2,000 years ago. She is not “the queen of heaven”, and she doesn’t intercede for Jesus Christ. Start reading the KJ Bible, and get saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.

      1. Let’s not engage in religious arguments here. It not not appropriate to refight the Thirty Years War when a common enemy is attempting to destroy both Protestant and Catholic.

  11. Can we assume that China will “betray” all their operatives before the attack? China has innumerable bedfellows in Washington and in Business. Will Russia and China wait till the Nov election? I also wonder if the current investigation of our “deep state” operatives will only rush an attack?

    1. We only have a Russian defector saying that this is one of Moscow’s concepts. I do not know if China has a similar approach.

  12. Another excellent article.

    My guess is that they will let us simmer in our own stew until fall; by then there will be blood in the streets with the whole nation extremely divided. I will also bet you that it will be a joint China Russia endeavor; perhaps with China invading and Russia ‘stopping’ the invasion (with the US like Poland in WW2) but actually taking over the eastern half or so.

    Question: will they use nukes, or something like em so that they can keep the infrastructure? Or just more viruses?

  13. Jeff, just wanting to let you know nice interview with Rudolf Baresic today

  14. Sorry, pagan communist can barely run their country in peace time I can’t see how they can handle it during war.

    What a joke communist are. A lying phucking joke on everyone.

    1. What makes you think the CCP isn’t running China precisely the way it wants to? They appear to have an exceeding firm grip on things over there to me. It is at our peril if we dismiss them.

  15. In centuries past, warfare was accomplished by marching around a city or a castle until the nerves water and food supply within the walls was exhausted. Then when the people were too weak to fight, the invading army would make their attack. It’s called softening up the target.
    In America today, we don’t have walls and borders other than just thousands of miles of ocean. However we do have the enemy already within the country bribing public officials, living as illegal immigrants and studying as foreign exchange agents. How many more are here and how far they have infiltrated is legendary. But we live in a modern high tech prison of our own embracing that can be used against us at will. All of these things could be overcome if we had not been fundamentally communized, feminized and dumbed down by our social, religious and education systems. Time is definitely short and the best opportunity for enemies to attack is a window that will be opening shortly. Our enemies know this and have not only studied it, but they actually brought it to us over the last 60 years or so through globalism. Scare tactics and a global dictatorship is the real endgame.

  16. it’s good to remember that nukes today are not the dirty nukes of nagasaki and hiroshima so a nuclear war is definitely probable given the russkies and chicoms have already divided up north america between themselves. with enemies all over government in america and the current virus idiocy, it’s a great time to deal that america. the virus is operational phase-1. phase-2 is continuing the softening of americans in preparation for eventual invasion – most likely russkies from the north and chicoms from the south with other invasion scenarios aligning to beachheads on the atlantic and pacific. so phase-2 is another round of virus – the second wave. phase-3 is most likely a grid down and then phase-4 is surprise attack to include nuke bombardment and blitzkrieging the surprised americans. as the song goes… it’s gettin’; it’s gettin’; it’s gettin’ kindof hectic!

  17. Another excellent lecture. I’m starting to regard your posts as intelligence briefings. Thank you again J.R.

    I’ve been wondering if there was some subversive strategy behind telling America that the Cold War was over and we’d supposedly defeated communism. Private citizens would certainly be better prepared right now if they had educated us and kept us alert the way you are. At the least we would have kept building bomb shelters in our basements.

    1. It has been part of communist strategy to say communism fell. It made anti-communism “out-of-date” while the communists were free to infiltrate everywhere and take over in many places — South Africa, Congo, Venezuela, Nepal, etc. If anyone objected, or tried to warn others, he was immediately debunked as a Cold War dinosaur.

  18. Jeff : I don’t know if you and your readers are aware of this. The port of Wilmington De has been leased( 50 yrs ) to Gulftainer Corp which is owned by a guy from UAE and an Iraqi scientist Dr Jafar who was responsible for Sadaam’s WND program. According to an article on Center for security policy website, Gulftainer is also affiliated with a Russian military conglomerate that produces Club k Missiles to be launched from containers that are very similar to standard shipping containers.

  19. Excellent breakdown of Communist strategy. I believe the Russia-China pact is breaking down, as is NATO. Brexit is of extreme importance, as the UK and the Commonwealth Of Nations (including India) are departing from socialism. Conversely, Europe is crushing nationalist movements, aligning with China and the Jihad. Russia has all but abandoned Venezuela. There are rumors that Russia is offering a complete withdrawal from Venezuela if the US stands back from Ukraine (allowing Moscow to reconquer it). NATO would be dissolved in this event. Russia has more land and resources than they can settle and develop. Their ambitions of conquest are limited to eliminating threats to their own survival. They will use nukes if threatened, and they own the arctic. The Fatima apparitions in Portugal have import geopolitically as they foretell an alliance between Communism (China), Papist Europe, and Islam. (Fatima was the daughter of Muhammed. Bishop Fulton Sheen said that after Mary, she is the woman most venerated in heaven.) This alliance is now taking shape, with full intent to destroy the West and militarily defeat the New World of North & South America. This is the home of the GospelGunslingers and we will not surrender it without a fight!

    1. I have heard nothing of the breakdown of the Russia-China alliance. Where did you get your information about Russia abandoning Venezuela? Brexit is not related to NATO. Brexit is about the U.K. leaving the EU, not NATO.

  20. In my humble opinion this virus is a smoke screen – generally it is not as dangerous to the general public as is being made out by the media. But the psychological effect is deadly, the economic effect even more so and the West fell for it hook, line and sinker. Here in South Africa the communist ANC government have destroyed the country’s economy long before the arrival of Covid-19. But the virus is going to be a handy excuse. They have instituted a draconian lockdown of the country and the economy has been brought to a standstill. So instead of the ANC being blamed when the economy collapses they will blame the “pandemic”.

  21. Thing about a nuclear war it forever trashes the trade value of anything you hope to pull out of a post fall America. And the damage from one Fukushima is enough, they think they can handle 100+. But yes yes, at that level we are dealing with psychopaths, and does a cancer virus cares about killing the host and itself in the process?

    1. Nuclear power plants are fission — and dirty. Strategic nuclear bombs are fusion, and clean. You should not compare the effects of the two.

      1. I was referring to all the plants in America that would melt down from the EMP effects of even a small detonation from a nuke attack. I’m sure you know nuke plants need power from off site to stay running, Fukushima has been belching screaming radioactive death for 9 years now, multiply that by a hundred or so.

  22. Jeff, what are we doing to soften up the commies? don’t we play rough too? if nukes go off here , the commies will be feeling the heat too. dont think we cant stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  23. Your insight on the asymmetrical nature of both nuclear and biological war (in the context of bourgeoisie v. totalitarian governments) is eye-opening. When alternative news sites began exposing the virus ravaging Chinese society, it occurred to me that both the timing (before the CNY) and location was perfect to a) spread the virus worldwide via international travel and countries along the Belt & Road and b) provide plausible deniability. I certainly didn’t put it past the CCP to cut of their nose to spite their face, so to speak, and endanger their population. The drastic steps they took locking down Chinese cities once COVID-19 had seeded across the Earth is a clear indication they were fully aware of its virulence. But I couldn’t figure out how they were so sure the virus wouldn’t backfire and devastate their society along with everyone else’s. I thought perhaps it was designed to target specific genetics. Now I realize I was guilty of doing exactly what you claim: projecting my own sensibilities upon a group of psychopaths (the CCP). They didn’t really care, so long as it didn’t incapacitate Beijing and the military.

    You’ve stated (I think correctly) that COVID-19 is primarily an economic weapon. But the disease itself is not proving to be the dangerous plague we were led to believe it was. Can you give me your thoughts re: the following supposition of mine:

    The CCP, having released the virus on its own territory at a time and in a place perfect to both spread and disguise its own agency in the whole thing, then locked down a large swath of its society for two purposes. On its face, the act was to prevent further spread of the virus within its borders. But combined with the massive media blackout, obfuscation, misinformation, and public denials, it set the stage for their covert, primary purpose. Having leveraged the influence it had over the WHO, it activated the agents it had in the media and political sphere, ginning up a frenzy. It’s no accident it didn’t become mainstream news until after the failed impeachment (all mentions of the virus were literally stuffed on the very bottom of, for example, the Daily Mail, until they weren’t, and were suddenly everywhere). Having set the “example” of lockdown as effective containment by publishing goal-sought infection numbers, they flexed their embedded influencers in American society to make a lockdown look like the only choice (it’s not for nothing that the NBA, long under the thumb of Beijing, led by example, cancelling their season at the front of a cascade of other entities to follow suit). Once locked down on its own accord at the CDC’s advice, America and the rest of the West were intended to suffer both from both the drastic economic effects of the shutdown and the one-trick-pony Central Banks only cure— printing money. Too conspiratorial? Or am I on to something? I am in agreement that this is not just Beijing’s plan but Moscow as well. What do you think the next steps will be? Is the supposed outbreak now occurring in Russian more plausible deniability? Your thoughts are appreciated.


    1. What you suggest may possibly be part of the enemy’s plan. But I think there are other, more important angles to consider: the enemy’s biological attack has been described by intelligence sources inside the communist bloc as a test of U.S. and Western reactions. This is a psychological test of our present mentality and our failing institutions. It involves our medical readiness and our cultural temperament. It is a test of our scientific acumen, and here we are also failing; — not because the disease is less lethal than estimated, but because the very institutions charged with these estimates have long been penetrated by the enemy — led as they are by persons temperamentally vulnerable to the Russian and Chinese special services. I am presently going through the very extensive and dismaying literature on the malfeasance and fraud that has long been ongoing at the NIH and CDC since the early 1980s. The Russians had to have targeted these agencies long ago. Worse yet, the public remains clueless and disoriented as they lose patience with strict lockdown measures. So far we have not caught on to the larger danger. We have not understood it as part of a larger process, initiated long ago, during the Cold War. Here is the real danger, the lethal danger, which should not be missed. Economically, if you put everything back to functioning as before it would not function anyway. There is no going back. Twenty percent of the population feels itself to be in a high risk category. These people will not be going on vacations. They will not be flying or buying hotel rooms. This alone destroys whole industries and puts tens of millions out of work. Countless bank loans are going bad either way. If we fall from the hundredth floor and hit the cement or the fiftieth, the economic catastrophe still happens. It was already a house of cards before all this happened. Sorry if you disagree, but Nobody is thinking about this correctly. On one side we have distrust of a system that is controlled by people who are not trustworthy. On the other side is a population that is spoiled and craves fiction. What nobody has yet understood is our enemy is not going to let us alone. Why would he? This process was initiated as the first step in a series of steps; and moves have been prepared to guide this process along a definite track. I cannot think but the enemy is learning, moment to moment, how to turn this game to his advantage. Remember, his weapons are not exhausted — in terms of biological ordinance, pharmaceuticals, and medicines. And his psychological dominance of the battlefield remains unchallenged (if we look at the mainstream media and academia). The enemy can introduce a more lethal strain of this virus at any time. He could also initiate an attack via global health governance through his agents at the WHO, NIH and CDC, which need to be investigated by our counterintelligence. But do we have any reliable counterintelligence agencies to fall back on? I am afraid the last three years of misguided focus on the President’s “collusion” with Russia might suggest a more serious set of problems inside our intelligence community — which explains why our enemy is so brazen as to openly accuse us of unleashing this pandemic. The Russians and Chinese are preparing to turn over new cards. Are we ready? No. We have yet to make a proper response to the first card (COVID-19). Everything that should have been said and done remains unsaid and undone. We are nowhere. We are paralyzed because we are unwilling to name our enemy and identify his strategy. We are all in mortal danger because this enemy has terrible weapons yet to deploy and we are clueless.

    2. JB: I would propose that some or much of was “leaked” video footage of draconian powers of the CCP apparatus at work making the people of China “safe” from the virus was directly meant for the west. I watched a painful hour + Bitchute video of such terrible things of people commiting suicide, burning their houses down, the CCP police dragging people out into the streets, crazy people responding to the police, etc. This video I believe was not leaked but intentional. The goal: to plant a world-wide fear along with the effects of said-virus. It has brilliantly worked. The west is being fully communized and collectivized. Bad leaders are emerging doing things in the US that only a short time ago would have been thought as clearly as tyrannical. This is psychological war at work.

      1. I approach this idea of yours with caution. Our libertarian ideologists are prone to confuse military measures of defense with “tyranny” — and this worries me, since we are going to have to defend, needing measures of security to survive what is coming (that is, further biological attacks). In war a commander can shoot deserters. Is this tyranny? No. Because if desertion is allowed the army will disintegrate and the bravest men will all be killed when the cowards run away. Every man in a war is protected on his flank by another man. How do we regard the man who does not follow orders and keep his post? War doesn’t mean everyone doing as they please. Modern war, even more than other forms of struggle, means that everyone pulls together, every man does his duty. It requires honest leaders and a disciplined population, where directives for defense are followed. If there is no obedience of authority in war, there is no defense. Leaders that cannot command obedience cannot defend. If you listen to our libertarians and anarchists, you might think measures taken for defense are inherently communistic and should be resisted. Certainly, if our government is led by communists, and they are disarming us, or leading us into a trap, we must resist. This is a serious problem given the number of radicals in our government. We must be very careful, however, in estimating who is part of the enemy’s fifth column and who simply has unorthodox opinions. We need a good counterintelligence service, which is something we do not have. Perhaps we will build such a service. Perhaps we will sort out the problems in Washington involving corruption and infiltration by enemy agents. However that may be: in war there is no survival unless we pull together and obey our national leaders. To wage war successfully requires a centralized system of authority. The President’s powers, as commander-in-Chief, reflect this necessity. For our citizens to say that measures taken for defense are tyrannous, that they are collectivist and therefore opposed to freedom, is dangerous to our national survival. I hope you can see this. I will remind all our anti-collectivists that the nuclear family is collectivist. It operates on the principle of “each according to his ability, each according to his need.” A baby in its crib is not part of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. She has no infants in her stories — and they have no place in her thinking. Her virtue is selfishness, not defense. To label all collective activities “tyrannous” is stupid. Thus, many today refuse to get married or have children because it is “slavery.” They want their freedom. But freedom is not free. First there had to be an army in which deserters would be shot. An effective army is not free in the libertarian sense of the word. In truth, real freedom exists only when everyone does his or her duty; for why should I not rob and kill you if freedom means doing whatever I want? No. Real freedom only comes when every man and woman respects the life and property of others — AS A DUTY. If you do not agree, I am sorry you are confused by the abuses of language that have become fashionable in our time. Freedom actually signifies obligation and duty. Any concept of freedom that does not comprehend this is anarchism. And anarchism is not workable. It dislikes obeying necessary orders to safeguard a society, or a country — especially as such measures are always inconvenient for the individual. Modern ideology has become quite foolish in its concepts, not recognizing that all societies, in time of war, adopt strict measures of compulsion and discipline. We are in real trouble here, I think, because of the extreme individualism that has taken root in our country. It is doubtful we can defend under conditions of nuclear war because we are spoiled by our free and easy life. Nothing so serious has been required of us as was required of Americans during previous wars. And more will be required of us than was required of any previous generation. Our lives are unbelievably comfortable and easy. War is the least comfortable existence imaginable. There is no revolting to get out of it. When the enemy comes, there is only defense or defeat, and the coordination of defense requires military discipline. The only question regarding obedience is that of our leaders. Do we have Marxists in positions of authority? If so, what do we do about it? We should not be stirring up anarchistic sentiments, ready with the conceit that authority is tyrannous and defensive measures are wicked. The real question is whether we have enemy agents in our government, not whether it is appropriate for government to take measures for containing a pandemic.

      2. Not sure what you mean by a short-time ago, but we have definitely seen since the Bush the Elder and the Clinton administrations much of what you mention concerning bad leadership and cracking down on those that will not comply. Ruby Ridge and Waco were perfect examples of “going too far” by government authorities. To some measure, it has declined, although it took on a much different “attitude” under the Obama administration where the IRS and FBI were used in ways they never should have been used.

      3. Arnold: Good point. I have considered that much of the released video might have been purposeful misinformation. Much of what I saw came through the Twitter account of a rabidly anti-CCP woman named Jennifer Zeng. On the one hand, she seemed to have all the bonfides of a person motivated to expose the evils of the CCP (practitioner of Falun Gong tortured by the Party). On the other hand, what a perfect agent of disinformation she’d make. The truth is, I don’t know what to believe. I have to admit, I was convinced by these sources and the actions taken by China in late Jan. thru Feb. that the medical impact of the disease would be worse than what they seem to be (although I think we are far from completely understanding COVID-19).

        Although the actions being taken by certain cities and states seem more like opportunistic power-grabs than legitimate attempts to protect their populace, I have to concur with much of what Jeff responded re: what might be perceived as tyranny in our society. I don’t think we have the political will to do what must be done in the coming months/years. And the disingenuousness of our public officials during this time of “testing” is only serving to divide our populace further and weaken whatever civil will we might be able to muster. You state that we are being communized/collectivized, but I think it’s closer to the truth to say we’ve been balkanized— by gender, race, class, sexual orientation, etc. etc. This is no doubt by design.

  24. Hi Jeff, some time ago I got to know you at a video interview (by Mike Adams from Brighteon Conversations) and that’s why I recently start to read your very good analyzing and enlightening blog.
    I myself am Dutch and my wife Portuguese, but live in our 2nd house in the Belgian Ardennes (think of the Ardennes offensive).
    I would like to ask you if you have insight into how all this relates to Europe and if you want to share this with your (European) readers?

    1. Russia is trying to lull Europe into buying natural gas and becoming dependent on Russia for it. If half or more of Europe becomes dependent on Russia’s natural gas, then Europe will be just a large version of the old East Bloc.

  25. “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” — J. Edgar Hoover ~ August 1956

      1. Jeff:
        Former high school teacher here, and Poli. Sci. major. I have never posted; however, I have read and listened to your political/ social comments for many years, and I have great respect for your insights.
        I absolutely concur with your overall premise pertaining to WW3, but I do believe that it will not occur at this present time. Rather, the ever “patient ” chioms will indeed attempt to launch more virulent and lethal bio weapons as you so aptly stated in the near future. More simply, after our economy is destroyed coupled with concomitant social upheaval will prove to be the appropriate “activation point” for war . This point has not yet been reached as our enemies continue to probe our reactions and overall readiness. I would appreciate your opinion on my observation. At present, it is a bit too soon for any large scale attack (although we are certainly in the formatve stages of WW3 at the present time). We are in incredibly dangerous times!

      2. You may be right. But let’s look closer. The leaders in Beijing are generally very careful. But they are also pushing very aggressively — threatening Australia, for example; saying that Australia is “gum stuck on the bottom of China’s shoe.” The tone is increasingly belligerent, reflecting confidence in their power. Aggression is being ratcheted up. Sources in Asia say that a coordinated aggressive move from China and Russia is expected. The signs of such a move are found across the board. Hiding leaders is one such sign. Accusing the USA of attacking China with the virus is another. The long campaign to discredit President Trump has near-term military implications. When we put these signs together, I am afraid to say that we are nearer to war than a few years. Moscow and Beijing have something definite in mind when fangs are bared.

  26. Jeff, I was told that Russia is going through the army reform, which is supposed to be over by 2022. Do you think they will start any full blown military operation sooner than that? Right now I think they are planning just some hybrid (more like informational) war. Also I have read somewhere Stanislav Lunev saying that nuclear bombs have already been planted in US in hidden places in the ground. They could be detonated any time. But I am not sure if I understood it correctly.

    1. I do not know when Russia is done with its army reforms. This is a technical question in which deception probably plays some role. Right now we are in an information and biological/economic war. Kinetic war occurs at some future point, when our economy falls apart. Lunev did not say nuclear weapons were on U.S. soil. He said the GRU had prepared places on U.S. soil to store such weapons in advance of a war. The weapons would be brought across the border using routes preferred by narcotics traffickers. Some months or weeks prior to the war is when the weapon would be deployed.

      1. Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. You are doing an amazingly great job of warning people against real enemies. People are so easily manipulated. When I talk to people in the West about danger which comes from Putin and China, they do not think it is that big.

      2. It does seem that people in the West have lost their way. Sometimes I think the solution will be found with people in the East — Chinese, Russians and Ukrainians miraculously overthrowing their oppressors; for the West seems unable to learn and resist. Solzhenitsyn was onto something when he wrote of the West’s weakness of will.

  27. Jeff, I totally agree with your extensive response to what ArnoldFishman wrote. The mindset of many people (including young people) is also the case in Europe, as you aptly wrote.
    In Europe too, politics, institutions that matter, schools and universities, etecetera, not to mention the European Union, are infused with leaders who spread Marxist ideas.
    And the latter brings me to information that reaches us here as if the Patriots / Alliance led by Q (Anons) are working on a “silent war” to drain the swamp internationally. Psychologically, this gives a lot of hope to people (including the undersigned), but the question is whether these people are naive or does this, as far as you know, indeed have some truth? And if so, what role does this element play in the developments regarding China / Russia?

    1. I do not know. The evidence for a hidden patriotic group is not convincing while the political system is full of bad actors, or fools. I do not rule out the existence of quiet activists here and there. But there is little evidence of their impact so far.

    2. comment to Jeff…not sure what the extensive comment that you disagreed with me on (except the one word I mentioned about the danger of a collectivist response—that was not my primary thought but only a sidebar—I appreciate that as individuals we cannot protect our country). My primary point was that the videos of fear that came from China were meant to sow fear here in the west and motivate us toward the enactment of outlandish schemes of containment and control that are going beyond the rational based on the data. Our leaders seems to have embraced fear as a tactic as some kind of a means to an end.

  28. I can not thank you enough for this info. As a child I was given advance information on this .
    I believe we are on the razors edge right now of what I was showed. I would not waste your time if I did not thing what I was show was true. But only a few will see what you have written and fewer will understand it. Thanks You Jeff

  29. Given that we may be facing the first invasion on US soil in hundreds of years in the not-so-distant future, I recommend everyone read “Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of “Brainwashing” in China“ by Robert Jay Lifton.

  30. I sent you a critique, but you won’t print it. Why ???? Are you following the way the communist do things?

  31. All Satanic cults end in mass murder/suicide.

    If the communists of all nations—and their financial backers—conclude that they cannot in fact rule the planet unopposed, they will happily render it incapable of supporting human life at all.

    They know nuclear war between the great powers is not winnable. They don’t care. This isn’t even about replacing bourgeois capitalism with totalitarianism. This is about destruction as an end in itself, motivated purely by a morbid desire to make other people suffer.

    The financial underwriters of communist war machines in the financial capitals of the west will be among the first to die. That will be all right with them. One bang and there will be no more talk of giving them a fair trial for their crimes against humanity.

    Consequences are for debt-peons, who will be left to suffer before they die of hunger, plague and cold in the ensuing nuclear winter.

    1. There may be an underlying psychopathology leading these enemies to destroy civilization, but nuclear war is not what you think. It can cause great destruction, it is true; but generals will use the weapons to surgically eliminate other weapons. And these strikes can be surprisingly clean. World War II was a nuclear war — in the end. The street cars in Hiroshima were working the next day. Belief that nuclear war is irrational belongs with other American myths. Russian and Chinese generals do not believe in such wishful ideas.

    2. Your view of humanity is selfish and twisted, which could almost be understandable considering how many selfish and twisted individuals there are in this world. But your perspective is completely one-sided, as if humanity brought itself to its current point of success purely through destruction alone. What a twist that would be! This wonderful life we’ve been given is actually no more than a Satanic Murder Cult run by psychopaths with no goal but self-immolation. All good in this world is but a fleeting lark. Thank you for reducing our endlessly complex existence into the most basic, frivolous viewpoint in all of known history. “There is no place for redemption in this human world, it is already lost.” – Dick Slater: Yet Another American Prophet™

      1. A snide response from a little man. I’m sure you would like to burst my bubble, proving once and for all that I’m a delusional idealist beta cuck. You seem to thrive on insisting the world is exclusively as you see it, belittling every other viewpoint as naive, weak and detrimental to prosperity. There is nothing profound about that. Nothing enlightening. It’s just the natural dismissive attitude of the self-deified male, emboldened by millennia of unchecked power. Of course men like you see an insurmountable crisis in our current time. Your stranglehold on society is finally beginning to loosen and it is absolutely terrifying you. I wager it is not my bubble that is bursting.

      2. I just want people to wake up to the danger we face. Would be nice if we could come together to defend the country. I’d like some intellectual honesty from people like yourself. If that makes me bad, ok. Not sure why you are so angry. Hope I’m wrong about everything.

      3. I appreciate the sincerity of your last message, and I don’t mean to sound angry. I too would very much like to come together and defend the country. Somewhere we differ though, is in how defended we currently feel. For instance, you repeatedly highlight geopolitical threats to our freedom as being ignored or even increased by our own government agents. I absolutely agree that this is possible, however I am not ready to completely lose faith in the government agents who are truly dedicated to strengthening and protecting America from within. I am not ready to assume a vile hatred of everything America stands for has become commonplace throughout all ranks of our national defense. I do not fear Communist subversion simply because some congresspeople posit that socializing certain industries might help stabilize the country, or that universities propagate controversial ideas. I don’t jump to the conclusion that everyone who has read Marx is committed to the Red Revolution. I have faith that the majority of citizens are still dedicated to America as a free nation, and still believe in the Constitution. Does this make me naive?

        Would the following statements qualify as intellectually honest? America, even with all that is going on within and outside the country, is still a safe place. Our military and intelligence forces are well-trained and competent, despite the very real threat of treachery and subversion. Regardless of the strength of whatever foreign influence would try to infiltrate our defenses, there are countless honorable citizens working hard to keep the American way of life safe. Additionally, under the current circumstances, formally naming China and Russia as “Enemies of America” could be painted as a distraction from our fumbling virus response, or intimidation from the world’s military superpower, which happens to have a history of aggressive and manipulative international influence. Obviously China and Russia are in the same boat and could not point fingers, but this is exactly why I see no point in doing that ourselves. Is it intellectually dishonest to believe that America does not need to name its enemies to still keep safe from them?

      4. Just because you are so sure that the “side” you are on is the “right” one, neither makes me unsure of where I stand nor of who I oppose. Just because you insist on nations publicly naming each other enemies or allies, does not make it necessary for peace.

      5. I didn’t say anything about being on the right side. I just said, choose your side. Don’t ramble on in confused sentences.

      6. I don’t see the same battlefront as you so choosing sides is pointless. Week after week you claim without any doubt that the greatest threats to America lie in existing Communist nations and their attempts to destroy our way of life through ideological subversion. I claim you’re hung up on the compelling story of your generation, and you scoff at the real threats, therefore ensuring our demise.

      7. Unfortunately a different narrative isn’t something you’re willing to entertain. You’ve got your compelling story.

      8. You are presently in lockdown because of a Chinese biological (virus) weapon. The Chinese ambassador to Australia threatened the Australian prime minister for suggesting an inquiry into the origins of the virus. The Chinese press called Australia “gum on the bottom of China’s shoe.” How is this “my” narrative? It is unfolding before your eyes and somehow you refuse to see. What has to happen before you wake up?

      9. You create your narrative. You choose pieces of the puzzle that fit with what you think the ultimate picture is, and you assemble them in your way. After so long you have stopped asking yourself if the picture you’ve been building is practical, based on modern times. It has been a very compelling picture for decades and to try to see something else at this point is very difficult. You don’t see China’s (or any Communist country’s) reaction to this crisis as innocent in any way. Every single piece is deliberately cut for the singular purpose of dominance over America, then the world. Somehow the impracticality of enacting a centuries-long international agenda does not apply to the Commies. At the same time, any centuries-long international agenda enacted by the USA that others may see in their puzzles is specifically tailored Commie propaganda. Refrain from immediately writing me off as a Communist sympathizer! I am simply answering your question. You hold this Communist Conspiracy narrative as the ONLY explanation for the current politics of the world. To me there are many; most not involving countries of millions invading each other’s shores. China’s public statements are to be expected from a superpower government that is responsible for a global pandemic, whether accidental or on purpose. Do you suspect America’s posturing would be different if the roles were reversed? Would other countries be “intellectually honest” to immediately name America their enemy, without internationally recognized evidence that it was an attack, while the world struggles to tackle this virus? Would your narrative paint them as Communist terrorists? How are non-Americans able to be “intellectually honest” about America’s ever-present agenda of influence without becoming the enemy in your eyes?

      10. When has the U.S. described another country as “gum stuck to the bottom” of its shoe? — or some equivalent? And have we ever threatened economic sanctions because a head of government proposed an inquiry into our actions? Please do elaborate.

      11. I did send a previous reply to your last statement but apparently it got lost in the aether. All I’m saying is the “China is an enemy of the United States” statement is a heavy one. What I mean by that is, them’s fightin’ words, as I’m sure you know. To me it seems unwise to pick fights based on grand theories of malicious national motivations. Would it not be more effective for Trump to focus direct attention on the current civil rights abuses China regularly enacts against its own people? Rather than naming China our national enemy because of encroaching socialist consideration among younger generations of Americans? Wouldn’t a “China is an enemy of its own people” narrative gain more local and international support? Seems like a much easier case to prove.

      12. The CCP is the enemy of the Chinese people. It is the enemy of America and the enemy of the world. My point exactly. If you actually read my work you would find this is a long-standing theme. I have interviewed defectors, political prisoners, dissidents. I sympathize with them.

  32. ABC worldnews yesterday did a report on the growing verbal assults between US and China. Some authority in China apparently stated that “China should prepare for War with the US”! And still our mainstream media is spinning Trumps verbal assaults as mere ” cover” for his mistakes in dealing with this Corona? I read a Bloomberg article that stated no one knew how the virus invaded Italy?? What! And Gates just stated on NBC that it doesnt matter anymore what China did or didnt do at the onset of this virus? Then he preceded to place blame on Trump! And these are our respected Business Leader. [sic]

  33. The Blaze is reporting on a scientific article (not yet peer reviewed) warning of a new strain of the virus that is more contagious and implicitly somehow more dangerous due to making people more vulnerable to a follow up infection. I’m not clear in my understanding of this second infection business, but evidently the scientists involved felt it was urgent enough to warrant a “dire warning” to the media despite there not being a formal completed peer review.

    Now, it’s clear the Left (1) is incredibly stupid and (2) wants the economy to collapse, thus making their warnings suspect, but perhaps this is the anticipated second phase with a more deadly version of the virus.

    1. Ricardo, I think there might be a third option… much of the Left is complicit. And I believe many prominent people on the “Right” are complicit as well. When I see so many on the Left acting in lockstep, and so many on the Right unwilling to take any real corrective action when the power is theirs to do so, it can no longer just be due to shared ideals or incompetency— something else must be at play. The more I investigate the stuff Nyquist refers to on this blog, the more I’m convinced it’s all by design.

    1. Wasn’t it Frank Ruscetti — working under Gallo? Or didn’t the French allegedly find a connection as well? Of course, who do we trust in this case?

  34. Lots of innuendo, but no tested theories. This latest hooey about a mutation is just more scare tactics from a bogus, career HIV researcher. When a virus causes no disease, the researchers have solid job security.

  35. This may be the beginning of a proof that the virus has been laboratory-manipulated:
    A polybasic, furin-cleavage site added to virus genome. Complex, but clear in the basic, indicting concepts. Said cleavage allows membrane integration and transport of virus RNA into human cell cytoplasm. Chimeric and alone in its Furinscore in comparison to similar, neighboring viruses. A devised exception to natural selection.

    1. I wanted to piggyback on Igmar’s post which i feel was important. I encourage your readers to watch the previous episode of Chris Martenson Covid Update from Friday May 1st called “Newsweek Bombshell: Covid-19 Virus Lab-Made?”

      In this episode, he discusses the potential connections between our NIH and Chinese virology lab in Wuhan. If this is true, this is heartbreaking to see that very-high profile individual within our scientific establishment has manipulated our government to provide $14 million in funding for the Chinese communists biological experimentations. It is likely this was just thought of by us as “good science that would benefit the world…”. This just shows how we have been taken in by the communists again. Could the staunch anti-communist Nixon know where his rapprochement with China would bring us to 40 years later?

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