About three or four weeks ago there was some kind of formatting error which sent a number of reader postings to the trash bin. I have no idea how this happened, but only discovered it this evening when I noticed excellent postings somehow in the “trashed” section. I had wondered why familiar readers were no longer posting. The protocol seems to bloc people whose posts are trashed. I went through the deleted posts and restored several. I also noticed there was a pornography link posted in between the deleted postings. It could be the hosting services policing kicked into high gear and deleted postings on either side of the offending pornography post.

I hope some of you will begin posting again.

17 thoughts on “A brief note on unexplained deletion of comments (now restored)

  1. Jeff, I started to see postings drop off the net in the second week of January, irregardless of the email used, and then even if under a different alias, as if it was IP based. Even posting from a secure Linux box didn’t work, it just disappeared, poof. Where this does occasionally happen (on every site), but not often enough to get me to do my composition (I know, what composition?) on notepad in one case I did so, and was able to post a near identical message minutes later, and poof, the same thing. And I see you have restored both messages, thanks.

    Now I have been banned from sites before, usually for being a good constitutionalist, permanently for quoting something about Cory Booker from the New York Times (Gateway Pundit), yeah, pretty strange, and have an ongoing issue with DISCUS not being able to log me in from my Twitter account (Error Submitting Form) unless I clear my caches.
    And I have been called out by the brilliant Dr. David Singer for not posting links to my data & quotes which of course some boards don’t let you do, but in most cases it should have been obvious the information came from regular reliable sources or I listed an abbreviation of the source.
    Another regular user (of your material) I correspond with had messages listed, but the contents completely stripped.

    I did check out my system, Mac Pro “trash can” for any irregularities as I am running virtualization software with multiple operating systems (believe me, you want multiple displays for this), but absolutely nothing found.

    You may remember on one of the old forums we had messages and posts seemingly randomly “disappearing” and I don’t know if anyone ever figured it out other than in at least one case(s), it was the incompetence of the host. In other cases, it was let us say, “unusual.”

    Anyway, glad you figured it out, happy you didn’t go “rogue” on us, and the “Paranoid Ideation” column is in particular superb, cutting edge actually. These people or whatever they are (don’t rule out the “demons”) are nuts or some not, evil, beyond it actually.

    You should do a column on how this “communist analysis” or “dialectic disinformation” or whatever is making us all a little but crazy, some a little more than others.

    1. Because I am working on an iPhone at the moment, my finger just now accidentally touched the unapprove button, so I had to restore this post again — so sorry, it was me this time. The whole system here is new to me and some of the buttons and what they do are unclear until I experience an “oops I goofed moment,” which is more often than I’d like. On this format I have to approve first postings, then that person gets through automatically unless I mistakenly I Unapprove again. Even though I check, sometimes my “approves” don’t go through. Not sure why. Sometimes I notice my own approves are undone. I do not understand the auto functions as yet. I think the software is glitchy. Two leftist trolls did come here and I blocked them. If people misrepresent themselves I tend to kick them.

  2. Jeff, just wanting to inform you, Bill Browder was recently in Australia trying to get the Australian Government to pass legislation implementing Magnitsky Sanctions. Bill Browder is also trying to get the Australian Government to implement Magnitsky Sanctions on Hong Kong and Mainland China

    1. Browder is from a communist family. He brought a huge amount of investment capital to Russia. Many of his investors lost money. His whole deal is a scam. It never stops.

  3. Jeff, I was wondering why I couldn’t even see your posts when I could a few weeks ago. Turned off my Ghostery ad blocking and now I can see.
    By the way, your last two posts were fantastic. Keep up the good work.
    A long time reader.

    1. Very kind of you to comment. I wonder why certain software is made so that my site is not visible. Perhaps someone wants to stop the message. This should not surprise anyone. If I was simply a kook, who would bother?

      1. Ad blockers do that sort of thing to comments on many sites because the comments are sometimes hosted by trackers. Your posts were the same, only the comments were missing. I use ad blocking because malware can be delivered in ads. They usually let you know that they are blocking comments, but for some reason that was not the case here.

  4. Sorry about my “three periods”. I thought my comments were no longer welcome…

  5. Disqus seems to have become almost oblivious to complaints, and have made sending them a complaint about technical problems almost impossible.
    I would imagine that some others providing such services may be doing the same.
    When you can’t deal with opposing opinions/thoughts/ideas you find some way of making sure you can block them. Not dealing with reality is a reality for some.

  6. David Icke says that anti Zionism is not antisemitism. That Rothschilds aren’t typical Jews, and that they work against the best interests of Jews. However, he seems to be against the State of Israel, as if the Jewish people are supposed to live peacefully in Palestine. I don’t know if I understand that correctly, but it’s twisted.




  7. From the linked article:
    “the difficulty of finding pollsters willing to go into the poor neighborhoods and ghettos of Paris and Brussels”

    Ya reckon?

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