One thought on “The Tactics of Communism

  1. Jeff, TroubledEuropean and etc

    Here is some videos on the China Surveillance System and China Social Credit System:

    China ranks ‘good’ and ‘bad’ citizens with ‘social credit’ system

    Life Inside China’s Total Surveillance State

    This is what is going to show up in Hong Kong around 2020 and the reason why I have started to suspect the Hong Kong Protests as a orchestration by the Chinese Communist Party is so that the Chinese Communist Party can turn Hong Kong into an surveillance state and introduce the Social Credit System at the same time. Both the Hong Kong Democracy Movement/Hong Kong Independence Movement which one of it’s biggest Political Parties in the Hong Kong Legislative Council which is the Hong Kong Democratic Party founded by Martin Lee voted in favor of turning Hong Kong into an Surveillance State and introduce the Chinese Communist Party’s Social Credit System in Hong Kong.

    Jeff can I have your opinion regarding this

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